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Are you measuring the effectiveness of your content?

On day ten of ourContent Strategy Advent Calendar, Colleen Jones encourages us to do just that.

🎄 Content effectiveness, from @leenjones

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Hi, I’m Colleen Jones. As you look back on 2017 and look toward 2018, I encourage you to focus on content effectiveness.

Now why is that? It’s because business today is digital and that makes content critical. Content is really the substance of everything from marketing, to attract customers, users, audiences, to actually nurturing, supporting those relationships for the long term.

“Content is really the substance of everything from marketing, to attract customers, users, audiences, to actually nurturing, supporting those relationships for the long term.”

As business really becomes more and more about subscriptions and long term relationships, content becomes even more important to not only attracting customers, but keeping them around. So something I think that with all of these important jobs that content has to do, that a lot of content is needed. We need to create lots and lots of content. But what I have seen first-hand is that companies and organisations usually find a way to create some kind of content. They find a way to create lots of content and put it out there. And some larger trends such as the internet is doubling every two years, really corroborate what I’ve seen first-hand.

So the real challenge that I think smart companies and organisations will focus on in 2018, is making content effective. And that can mean lots of things. That can mean creating content, it can mean cutting content, we recently recommended cutting 40% of an organisation’s content because it wasn’t effective. It can mean re-thinking the vision and strategy with content. It can mean optimising what seems to be working well. It can means lots of things.

I guarantee you it will mean needing to get a better understanding of whether your content is effective, and why. Getting better data. putting more measurement in place, thinking about a system of content intelligence to inform your content decisions. And I’m really excited to explore all of the challenges and issues and really help make content effectiveness happen in 2018.

So one other thing to look for in 2018, by book Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Content will be out in the Spring. Really excited to update this resource and make it even more useful to you as you work to make content make a difference. Have a fantastic 2018.

About Colleen

As CEO of the content intelligence firm Content Science and a Star Wars fan, Colleen advises a wide range of organizations on becoming Jedi Masters of content. Colleen cofounded ContentWRX, a software service that has collected more than 22,000 data sets to assess content effectiveness. She also publishes Content Science Review, a magazine and education platform with content insights contributed by leading brands such as Alibaba, IHG, Avery Dennison, AirBnB, American Cancer Society, IBM, WebMD, and more.

Colleen wrote the cornerstone content book Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content. She speaks at conferences and client events around the world to make content a force in branding, user experience, sales, and customer satisfaction.

🎄 Content effectiveness, from @leenjones

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