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by , Product Director, GatherContent

To mark the end of another week (I’m genuinely starting to be suspicious of that calendar), I’ve rounded up another bundle of our favourite links to share with all you content hunters out there.

I wouldn’t say there’s any overriding theme to our round-up this week, as we’ve been covering a million topics at a million miles per hour. A fairly vague topic of interest has been the way design teams involve content in their workflows.

Another area of interest has been the process of gathering feedback, this is largely due to our own attempts to formalise the way we collect, structure as well as use feedback. As you will see in the some of the following links, feedback is also a powerful influence in effective content strategies.

Let the linking begin!

The British Library’s Content Strategy A slightly unusual little nugget of content, the section on analysing feedback in this review is really quite forward thinking considering it’s six years old.

Conducting Interviews for User Research In this thorough user experience podcast Steve Portigal talks to Gerry Gaffney about how he approaches the user interviews.

If Your Content Isn’t Memorable, Does it Exist This fresh of the press article from Content Science brings up a really interesting point, an idea that is worth considering not just in terms of content but also in reference to the overall interaction of users with your site or service.

Using Numbers To Plan Content The use of metrics in content development is a pretty fascinating topic, this is one of very few articles which (in my opinion) have really got into the depths of this concept . Clare O’Brien provides a really clear outline of this practice while also setting out some useful best practices.

Making Your Content Go Viral Well that is a claim! It’s always pretty amazing to hear strategies for how to achieve the infamous ‘viral’ status. I’m not convinced if this article really preaches an objective solution but it’s an entertaining thought none-the-less!

We hope you have a splendid weekend,
The GatherContent Team

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Product Director, GatherContent

Angus is the product director at GatherContent, where he spends his time developing the content processes of various global organisations.

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