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Creating content for children

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

This video is the twenty-second in our Content Strategy Advent Calendar series.

Today we cover a topic that hasn’t been covered on the blog before, creating content for children. Craig Donaghy shares three tips for writing and reaching this specific audience.

Day 22 #ContentStrategyAdvent Creating content for children, by Craig Donaghy of @GoSuperAwesome​

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Craig Donaghy. I’m here today at SuperAwesome’s London HQ. I’m the Editor-in-chief of PopJam, which is a curated and moderated content sharing platform for kids.

As part of GatherContent’s advent calendar, I want to share with you our top three tips for creating content for children.

​Number one. Make sure that you have a very clear call to action. Whatever post you put up, whatever piece you give them to experience, make sure that there’s something that they can do from it. We like to make sure that everything we put up has an activity, be it a puzzle, a quiz, something for them to think about, or a creative challenge.

In turn, this gives us loads of user generated content. It’s really brilliant for us to be able to reward a community by recognising them in a safe way. So make sure that you create that cycle of ?? , reward, recognition.

Number two, be relevant. Obviously you’re planning your content calendars and your strategies around things that are trending, but don’t just think about the things that are trending, think why are they trending. Talk to kids and find out why they love things. You’ll get to see their energy and enthusiasm about it and you’ll be able to create a really amazing list of buzzwords. You won’t just be talking about what they love, you’ll be able to talk to them, how they love, using the exact key words.

Then number three, be safe. It’s not just enough to create age appropriate content. It needs to be delivered on an age-appropriate platform that’s fully compliant with the territories that you’re talking to. Make sure you’ve got the correct moderation setup as well that will offer the support that kids might need.

So those are our top tips. All things that we’re looking forward to applying in 2017. Have a great Christmas.

About Craig

Craig Donaghy is an Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Writer with over ten years of experience in children’s publishing. Working at BBC Worldwide and Immediate Media he worked closely with research groups and schools to produce and manage content for international brands, such as Doctor Who and Skylanders.

At SuperAwesome, Craig manages content for PopJam, a moderated and curated, content-sharing platform where young people can express themselves via user-generated content, discover and share their interests, and play games, puzzles and quizzes. As Editor-in-Chief, Craig works closely with the Community and Safety team to produce a lively, engaging, positive and creative experience for PopJam users.

Day 22 #ContentStrategyAdvent Creating content for children, by Craig Donaghy of @GoSuperAwesome​

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