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Dispositions: creative treatments of content during a redesign

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

It’s day nine of ourContent Strategy Advent Calendar. Today’s top tip comes from David Hobbs, author of The Content Migration Handbook.

Got a website redesign coming up? Well then today’s video is a must-watch.

🎁 Dispositions: creative treatments of content during a redesign, from @jdavidhobbs

Video transcript

When we’re doing a redesign we need to move content from where it is now to the new system. And when we do so, we need to think about what disposition each piece of content is going to get. What treatments it’s going to get.

So you might look at something and say hey, this is a product download, it needs to move as is. Old agenda, who needs that, we’re going to delete that. Old manual, it’s not really written well for consumption on the web, we’re going to delete that and start from scratch. The product catalogue. This is out of date and doesn’t really look very good, so we’re going to delete this. Maybe we say, hey the magazines, we spent a lot of time getting that working perfectly, we’re just going to move those as is.

But when we look at the dispositions we want to look more subtly than just moving as is and deleting. Even though a lot of deleting is something we would like to do in general if it truly is old content and not useful. like the agenda.

So here we’ve got the product catalogue and we might say really the issue here is that we need to integrate with the product database. This actually is a technical problem largely, where we need to improve those APIs and display them better. And with the manual we may say well, really, most of the content is good, there’s a lot of technical information that’s needed etc. But there are some key parts that need to be re-written, so that needs to be handled by writers. And the agendas may stay deleted and one of the advantages of doing this and to putting things into different pockets beyond just delete or keep, is that you can now hand these off. You say, look, this goes to writers, the manuals etc that need to be re-written but not totally started from scratch.

The items need to be integrated like this product catalogue. This goes to the technical team, right. And here, there are different ways that you can handle as is, you can manually move, you can move automatically the different things, you may split this up into different dispositions. But you still do have the content that is going to move as is. But fundamentally we are going beyond just looking at dropping, deleting content and moving it as is. Thanks.

About David

Organisations make changes to their websites, intranets, and extranets all the time. David Hobbs helps ensure these difficult undertakings are as high impact as possible.

David has worked as CTO of a web development shop, within organisations to push through major digital change, and as a consultant. David has had his own practice David Hobbs Consulting for the past eight years, working with a wide range of organisations from the Novartis to the Library of Congress to mission-driven non-profits such as the Center for Internet Security. Before the web took off David was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chad.

🎁 Dispositions: creative treatments of content during a redesign, from @jdavidhobbs

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