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Content Production

Don’t let content production be the project bottleneck

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

There are pitfalls around every corner when planning, producing and publishing content for website redesign projects.

Bottlenecks during the content production process are usually the result of:

  • Content hidden away and all over the place
  • A lack of clearly defined workflow
  • Delays in getting content
  • Uncertainty of who is responsible, and for what

As a website content production and workflow platform, GatherContent offers the tools to help you solve these problems. You can feel confident that content is planned properly upfront and everyone is clear on what their responsibilities are to support the process.

Use GatherContent to stop content production being a project bottleneck

Content isn’t centralised in one place

It’s easy for content to get lost in people’s inboxes, multiple shared folders or spreadsheets. Without one place to plan and produce content:

    There is no clear view of content, versions, progress and responsibility:

  • Content quality is compromised
  • Time is wasted looking for content
  • Content stored offline can be lost
  • Content tasks slip down the to-do lists
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These are the most common issues customers experience before they being using GatherContent.

GatherContent allows you to:

  • Manage your content production in one place
  • Save time by replacing a messy authoring experience with a structured one
  • Have a clear view of the status of all your content

As well as getting your content into one place, GatherContent offers one place for authors, editors and all stakeholders to collaborate.

GatherContent offers one place for authors, editors and all stakeholders to collaborate

There are no clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Once your content is in one place and structured, it can be assigned to the relevant authors and moved into production.

Centralising production results in:

  • Better collaboration across the team
  • Invite people to specific pages so they only focus on what they need to write
  • Clear production timelines and responsibilities
  • All revisions and comments in one place

Adding clarity and accountability to the roles and responsibilities of content production makes it a more efficient process with less back and forth between revisions. Saving time is a big benefit by our customers, along with:

  • Launching projects on schedule
  • Reducing unexpected billable hours
  • Reducing the impact on other projects/priorities
  • Streamlining content development workflow

If you want to start centralising your content production you can get started today by signing up to a free trial. You can also join our next webinar to learn more about using GatherContent for website redesign projects.

Don’t let content production be the project bottleneck

Free 41 page guide

A Guide to Content Production Planning

Learn how to develop a process that ensures content is high quality and delivered on time.


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