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Don’t underestimate the content challenge

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Liam King is author of our guides and presenter of our masterclass and today he occupies the fifteenth day of our Content Strategy Advent Calendar. Liam’s here to prepare us for the challenge of creating content, something that should not be underestimated.

🎄 Don’t underestimate the content challenge, from @liamking

Video transcript

It’s Liam from Lagom Strategy. As we get to the end of another year of wrangling web content on various website projects and redesigns, I want to share my new year’s resolution. I’m going to stop underestimating the time, the effort, the cost producing new website content for such projects.

I should know better. I’ve spent a lot of the last ten years advising people not to make that mistake, yet still make that mistake myself when I’m working with clients. So I’m going to fall back on my own advice. I’m going to take the number of items or pages that we estimate when we start to develop a sitemap, based on the user needs research, I’m then going to multiply that by ten hours.

The ten hours would allow for the time to research the new piece of content, or to update that content, to then craft that content, revisions, more feedback from subject experts, to then upload that content into the CMS, to check it off once it’s in the website, to make the inevitable changes a few weeks later when someone realises something is missing.

By doing that we then start to protect ourselves about the true cost and the effort it takes to produce that content. If it does take less than ten hours, great. But it rarely does for new pieces of good quality content.

Thank you.

About Liam

Liam is Founder of Lagom Strategy, a UK consultancy specialising in digital user research and sustainable content strategy.

With over a decade of content production and strategy experience in the UK and Australia, Liam has built up a wealth of practical knowledge on how to put content back at the heart of web projects.

He has led content strategy work for many organisations including the Royal Air Force, UK Department of Health, the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service and Vodafone Australia.

Liam was previously Senior UX Architect / Content Strategist with Sydney agency, Digital Eskimo, where he introduced and led the agency’s successful content strategy services. Before heading to Australia in 2009, Liam was a Web Producer at the UK Parliament and the Senior Web Editor at the UK Foreign Office.

Liam also has a Masters degree in Web Journalism.

🎄 Don’t underestimate the content challenge, from @liamking

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