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Content Strategy

Three tips to ensure your content is perfect

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

We all want perfect content.

Right? But how do we make sure it is, especially before we send it to clients? Fear not, practical advice is here to save the day on day twenty one of our Content Strategy Advent Calendar. Christine Cawthorne from Crocstar has three top tips …

🎁 Three tips to ensure your content is perfect, from @crocstar

Video transcript

Hello, I’m Christine. I am the chief scribbler at Crocstar which is a content production agency. We create loads of content for our clients, so today what I really wanted to do was share with you our fool-proof, three-step plan to making sure that your content is absolutely fabulous before you send it to your clients.

Step number one, check your content absolutely meets the brief. There’s nothing worse than sending something back to the client and realising that you’ve missed out a really crucial element.

Step number two, check for spelling and grammar errors. I know you do this anyway, but please make sure that this is a separate check on its own.

Step number three, the best one of all. This is where you check your content is absolutely brilliant and is going to knock your client’s socks off.

So you can do all of these different checks yourself over three different stages. If you have the luxury of being in a bigger team like here at Crocstar, we get three different people to take over those three separate checks. That way you can make sure everything is spick and span when you send it back to your client.

Merry Christmas.

About Christine

Christine is a content strategist with a background in journalism at the BBC and as a homepage editor for Yahoo, AOL and BT. In 2008 Christine set up Crocstar, an agency that produces content, manages social media accounts and trains people how to write for digital platforms.

Crocstar’s clients include the UN’s World Food Programme, Comic Relief’s Tech for Good projects, Kew Gardens, Pizza Hut, Nokia, Parliament and many smaller companies. Christine has also trained hundreds of people in government departments and agencies how to write for the web as part of the GOV.UK project.

🎁 Three tips to ensure your content is perfect, from @crocstar

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Robert Mills

Content Strategist, GatherContent

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