How a digital agency use GatherContent to create better
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Chicago Digital is a web agency based in Chicago, USA. They’re a full service strategic marketing company developing online solutions for small and medium businesses.


Main areas of success with GatherContent:

  • A digital agency using GatherContent for all project management and documentation
  • The impact of GatherContent has improved team morale and resulted in better client experiences
  • GatherContent bridges the gap between content, design and development

GatherContent keeps projects on budget and minimises scope creep

Since adding GatherContent to their process six months ago, Chicago Digital have experienced several benefits, as have their clients.

GatherContent has become a key part of their digital project management process, which allows them to keep projects on budget and minimise scope creep. GatherContent is part of their complete project cycle, starting as a note taking tool during discovery meetings with prospective clients, through to a post launch documentation repository that assists the support team in handling requests after the site is built.

More specifically, templates are created in GatherContent so the team can capture all information gathered during the discovery phase. That helps them better understand their clients and their clients’ users. They also define all people involved in the project and their roles. This makes it easy for everyone to use GatherContent in order to understand the purpose of the project and those responsible for delivering it.

An organised team thanks to GatherContent

Using GatherContent has resulted in some key benefits:

“GatherContent keeps the project team more organised across multiple departments”
  • Makes the project process more enjoyable
  • Reduces the amount of revisions to the website after the website is developed
  • Makes it easier for the developer to build the website by having final content, meta info, and implementation notes for every page
  • Holds the client accountable for providing the final content and signing off on how the functionality should work for every page
  • Keeps the project team more organised across multiple departments (sales, project manager, design, development, marketing, and support)
  • Provides complete documentation for projects which assists in the support team handling requests after the site is built
  • Makes it easier to minimise scope creep

“Using GatherContent is the most significant online software decision we have made in the last few years and it has really helped our project management.”

Michael Sallander President and Co-Founder

Effective collaboration in one place

Chicago Digital also use GatherContent to help their designers and developers. They include a design guide and a development guide within GatherContent so the respective teams can access all the information relevant to their role within the project.

“GatherContent is used to help the designers and developers. They include guides within GatherContent so the teams can access all the information relevant to their role within the project.”

For example, in the developer guide they include development URLs and the live URL, the hosting plan, domain configuration info and any details relating to redirects, emails, admin users and email accounts. This, by their own admission, used to be a pain but now it’s much more straightforward and efficient.

Getting content on time and in the correct format

Using GatherContent for the entire project cycle has allowed Chicago Digital to keep projects on budget and avoid scope creep. Linked to this is setting up GatherContent so clients can provide the content that is needed, in the format it is needed and by specified deadlines.

“GatherContent helps the agency keep projects on budget and avoid scope creep.”

All of this results in a central repository for project information and content that can be accessed by all those involved in a specific project, both client side and agency side. It ensures communication is effective and efficient.

“The challenge we face as an agency is to be more consistent and standardised, to drive high quality results on budget. GatherContent is helpful for achieving that.”

Michael Sallander President and Co-Founder

Improved team morale and better client experiences

The impact that GatherContent has had to Chicago Digital has been significant, which also means their clients experience the benefits too. By using GatherContent they have found that projects are more likely to finish on budget. It has also had a positive affect on improving team morale.

Michael Sallander, the President and Co Founder, also shared with us that using GatherContent has allowed them to build better websites and that, coupled with a polished project management process, has allowed their clients to enjoy better experiences when working with Chicago Digital.

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