Control and scale your content model

Use Components to create consistency and scale content modelling decisions across your entire workflow

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Collaborate in real time, anywhere in the process

Components lets everyone in your content workflow collaborate in real-time, using your content model, only in GatherContent.

Stop reinventing the wheel when it comes to content

Define Components using the fields you're used to, and apply them consistently across any Template or Content Item.

No more ambiguity with formats, lengths and requirements across all of your content.

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Scale content decisions across the entire workflow

Re-use Components across different Templates to standardise and implement content decisions.

Make content decisions, roll them out instantly

Once you've made content decisions, changes to Components reach authors and can be used by integrations immediately.

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Total flexibility, without sacrificing consistency

Repeatable components provide needed flexibility and create consistency by ensuring authors can add more of the same content format when necessary.

Content flows wherever you need it

Components enable 1-to-1 mapping to content structures elsewhere, enabling a seamless content delivery and publishing experience.

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More examples, and how to use Components

Check out specifics inside our help docs

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan are components available on?

Components are available on Start, Scale and Transform plans and are limited to 5, 15 and Unlimited respectively, on a per-project basis.

If you are on a legacy plan and would like to take advantage of components, please reach out to our customer support team who will be happy to help.

Will the cost of my plan increase with the release of components?

No. There are currently no plans to increase the price of our plans.

Where can I use components?

Components live inside projects. They can be imported from one project into another. At the moment we don't allow account-wide components, but this is something we're looking into as part of a future release.

Can components be repeated?

As with repeatable fields, if you're on Scale or Transform plans, components can be repeated. Start plans will still be able to use components, but without the ability to repeat them.

Read about repeatable fields →

Can I add content to my components?

At the moment components are structural. Once a component has been added to a template or item structure, content can be added as normal via the content editor, but for the time being default content cannot be added to a component directly. Again, this is something we're looking into as part of a future release.

Where can I give feedback?

We encourage everybody to give feedback via the support bubble in the bottom-right of the app. This can be in the form of reaching out to our support team directly or by submitting a feature request.