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Content Creation: The Essential Guide

Practical advice to help you create effective content for your audience and your business.

What the eBook includes

It’s easy to create content these days and publish it, but the challenge is in creating content that is meaningful and in ways that are efficient.

It's essential for organisations to be creating content that is relevant and useful for their audiences, whilst also ensuring it is an asset for their business.

This essential guide to content creation includes:

  • How to develop a content creation process.
  • How to estimate the cost of content creation.
  • What the different types of content creation are.
  • Advice around content creation strategies.
  • Advice for developing a content creation plan.
  • What people you need to involve in content creation.
  • Ways to repurpose, refine and optimise your content.
  • Best practice advice, tips, and techniques.

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