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Content Model Template

A template to work out the finer details and practicalities of how you write and manage your content.

How the template can help

A content model documents all the different kinds of content you have on your website. It breaks content types down into their component parts, describes them in detail, and maps out how they relate to one another.

This template focuses on two important elements of a content model:

  1. Content types: a content type is like a template you follow to make multiple pieces of content in the same vein. For example, a university might have a content type ‘template’ for course pages, subject areas, and academic bios. You reuse the ‘template’ to create multiple pieces of content in the same format.
  2. Content attributes: the content attributes are the different elements that come together to make up the content type ‘template’. For example, your course page content type might comprise of attributes like course name, description, modules, fees, etc.

Use this template, which includes example content, to build your own content model.

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