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Content Strategy Roadmap

A free step-by-step path, template, and checklist towards creating a content strategy.

How the roadmap can help

This content strategy roadmap is a step-by-step path towards creating a content strategy. The roadmap gives you a checklist of artefacts to create and some templates for creating key elements. It's based on a three-part model:

  • Diagnosis - Get a clear picture of where you are right now, what challenges you’re facing and what the opportunities are.
  • Guiding Policy - The overarching approach you’re going to take to your challenge. The answer to the questions you wrote in your challenge statement.
  • Coherent Action - A coherent plan of action to achieve your goal. This is where you get into the finer details: tactics, operations and governance.

The roadmap is a series of questions, checklists and fill in the blank exercises, making it a practical and collaborative process.

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