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Insight Summary

How organizations with mature content operations tackle challenges at scale

Key insights and takeaways from our Fireside Chat with Jeneba Wint, Assistant VP of Content Operations at LPL Financial.

What this insight summary includes

Our fireside chat with Jeneba Wint was incredible! She was kind enough to share what she has learned from scaling content operations at LPL Financial.

As Alice Deer, our CEO, hosted Jeneba they really dug into the challenges, and what Jeneba has learned about growing an org on the content operations maturity curve.

We've taken that conversation and pulled out a quick and easily digestible summary for you with the key insights and practical advice we heard from Jeneba as she talked about the catalyst for investing in content operations and the implications of having ungoverned content available for people to access.

You'll discover how an organization like LPL has invested in content operations and is seeing transformation in how content is produced, governed, and delivered.

Here’s what the summary includes:

  • Why commercial and ethical expectations for content are high.
  • Why compliant content is important.
  • Why compliance is a catalyst for investment in content operations.
  • Why there is increasing pressure on the people behind content.
  • Plus a ton of practical tips for increasing the maturity of your content operations.

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