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Insight Summary

The evolution of content strategy: The beginning, middle, and never-ending

Key insights and takeaways from our Fireside Chat with Rebecca Steurer, Content Strategy Director at Critical Mass.

What this insight summary includes

We really enjoyed this fireside chat with Rebecca!

She shared many interesting insights about her experiences as a content strategist; from working in the healthcare sector back in the early 2000s to her continuing mission to evangelize content strategy to agency clients and colleagues.

We've taken the conversation Rebecca had with GatherContent Co-founder Angus Edwardson, and pulled together a quick-to-read summary for you — with all key insights and practical advice included.

Here’s what the summary includes:

  • Rebecca's early experiences working in content strategy
  • Making the case for content strategy
  • The links between 'content strategy' and 'strategy'
  • Working collaboratively on content
  • The three different career tracks connected to content strategy
  • Using marketing science to help drive content decisions
  • The need for a bigger focus on content governance and the right content tools in 2023

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