Overcome the chaos of your institution's content workflow

Planning, organising and managing content across multiple systems with 100's of stakeholders is chaotic. Take control of your content operations with GatherContent and deliver high quality content, consistently.

Content processes workflow illustration with common content challenges

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Take control of your institution’s content operations and overcome these 10 challenges

Content isn't given the respect it deserves by every school, department and faculty

Content is created and managed in silos, often outside of the digital team's reach, with varying agendas and priorities

Governing hundreds of websites that are scattered across multiple ancient CMS', across tens of departments and schools is challenging

Content standards and brand guidelines aren't adhered to, diluting the quality and consistency of content

Stakeholders have varying writing styles which result in inconsistent content. These crucial subject matter experts also have demanding day jobs, leaving little time to focus on content and process

Poor quality and inconsistent websites across the university undermine your brand

Many institutions lack the resource and senior buy-in to address content challenges

Thousands of stakeholders who don't specialise in content are able to access technical content management systems, opening up the organisation to a high level of risk

Increased regulations such as GDPR affect the production and governance of content and digital services, with high stakes for error

Often, subject matter experts struggle to understand why writing specifically for the web is important and don't buy in to institution-wide content initiatives

Thomas Deneuville

We saved a lot of time with GatherContent because there was a central place where the content lived, in the context and framework of an editorial workflow. Without this we would have otherwise relied on Google Sheets, emails and notifications. Keeping track of the status of the content would have been chaotic.

Thomas Deneuville
Director of Web Services and User Experience, Division of Alumni Affairs and Development at Cornell University

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Achieve your institution's goals through effective content

Start meeting your goals with more resilient content

Improve efficiency with better process and practices

Ensure delivery of effective, accurate and relevant content

Attract more diverse applications and better quality students

Content operations flow diagram from content strategy through to content publishing

Website redesigns and builds

New sections of your site

Ongoing content operations

CMS re-platforming

Jenny Clift

I can't exactly quantify the time we've saved by using GatherContent but let's say that for 300 pages we've created as part of the project we save 1 hour per page by using GatherContent - that's 300 hours - or about 8 weeks in time for a person. That's enough to pay for the monthly subscription of GatherContent.

Jenny Clift
Content Manager, Flinders University

Meet GatherContent, the Content Operations Platform

Unify people, process and content by bridging the gap between your content strategy and the CMS


Gather and organise content in one place. Have your team and your stakeholders working from one, up-to-date version and source.


Get content in the format you need first time. Reduce the back and forth reviewing while increasing the quality of content.


Collaborate with your team and streamline the review process, getting rid of long email chains.


Ensure your team are accountable for delivering content on time. Assign owners to the relevant pieces of content.


Streamline the migration of content into your CMS, ensuring there are no last minute delays.

Prospectus and viewbooks

Course information

Campaign content

What you can expect when you implement GatherContent

A platform that is simple, quick and non-technical to get going with - you don't need to change your CMS to deliver better content, or to use GatherContent

A dedicated content operations platform that eliminates Word and emails. You may still have multiple CMS's, but you'll be centralising all content pre-CMS

Connect the technical and human silos with one content operations platform. Minimise the raft of different tools and systems being used, and unify everything in one purpose built place

Being prepared for unexpected content requirements. Lots of universities have to create reactive content, unexpectedly and quickly

Prototype your content model quickly

Ensure great quality content is consistently produced and delivered by stakeholders across your institution

Confidence in the calibre of your content. You may have many collaborators, but you will be able to guide the content being produced, and making sure style and brand guidelines are being adhered to

One single source of truth to bring some much needed process to governance. At ContentEd in 2017, struggles with governance were the most commonly cited challenge faced by university content teams

Engage (and impress!) your stakeholders and subject matter experts with a considered and effective process for delivering content

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