Say hello to your new content hub

Take control of your Content Operations with your new project content hub. Stop losing time trying to hunt things down, and use folders to keep things organised. Drag-and-drop items inline and set-up your project's architecture in minutes. Manage tasks in bulk, and organise huge volumes of content with no impact on performance.

Collaborate in real-time with your team

Use folders to keep things neatly organised

Folders can be used to organise anything from a large website to a batch of articles, or even an email campaign or university brochure. Giving you the flexibility and structure to organise all of your Content Operations in one place.

GatherContent collaborative content editor UI

Drag and drop items inline

Quickly create large volumes of content and use drag-and-drop to create the project structure you need. This allows you to reorganise huge parts of your project at once.

GatherContent collaborative content editor UI

Scale your Content Operations

This is the content you're looking for

There are now more ways to find your content, including a dedicated personal assignments area and more flexible tools for searching and sorting content by any attribute.

GatherContent content workflow UI

Files, images and archives

All of your images, media and assets, as well as your archived content is now neatly organised inside your content inventory, right where they belong.

GatherContent content workflow UI
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Clock speeding up

Engineered to handle huge volumes of content, this is an inventory that won't struggle to grow with your team

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Use folders to manage a much wider range of Content Operations initiatives

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Save time by reordering your project structure inline and performing tasks in bulk