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Transform the quality and accessibility of your content to effectively meet user needs. Introduce a platform that encourages better management of content and operational excellence, no matter how much content scales.


Gather and organise website content in one place

GatherContent helps you centralise your content, whether it's from your old website, or in disparate folders, documents and emails. Take control of your content, be clear on what the latest version is, and set-up a content hierarchy to reflect your sitemap or create an inventory of your content.

chevron iconGatherContent can support large projects with thousands of pages and components

Once you're up and running with GatherContent:

  • chevron iconAll of your content is neatly organised in a single place
  • chevron iconEveryone knows exactly where to go to work on content
  • chevron iconHours of your time is saved by pulling content together using import features
  • chevron iconThere's no more crazy files

Content is what makes or breaks a project so we take it seriously to ensure our projects stay on track and on budget. Using GatherContent helps us achieve this. The best thing about using GatherContent is that it keeps everything in one place and we can collaborate easily.

Evan Young

Content Strategist, Integrity


Ensure content is in the right structure, well written and ready for the CMS

Create Templates to help contributors know how content needs to be structured and create content ready to map to your CMS, making the migration process easier.

Guidelines and rules also ensure your content is delivered in the right format.

Structure content so it maps nicely to the CMS

Create Templates to ensure content is structured in a way that maps to your CMS.

Integrates with

Give contributors an easy way to provide content

Create easy to populate structured Templates to tell contributors what to write and break up content into manageable components.

chevron iconYou can customise Templates as much as you like to suit your content requirements

Once you're up and running with GatherContent:

  • chevron iconYour content is helpfully broken down with guidelines and instructions
  • chevron iconConsistency across content is made simple using a library of custom Templates
  • chevron iconPeople submit content in the format you need it
  • chevron iconEverything maps neatly to your CMS with no need for time-consuming edits
Lisa McGowan

Content was always the biggest problem in getting sites launched: it was never delivered in the right format, length or structure and was always late. Now with GatherContent we have a tool to manage the content production and migration process: What content do we have? What's missing? How far along are we? It's really easy to see what state everything is in and what still needs to be worked on. The Drupal migration integration was a tremendous time saver.

Lisa McGowan

Content Strategist, Rolling Orange


Write, review and approve content in one place

Collaborate on content in one central place. Discuss and comment on content, making it easy to know what stage each piece of content is at and what needs to be done next.

Notifications keep everyone in the loop and allow you to update your team quickly and easily.

chevron iconAll content you produce can be exported to HTML, Word and PDF formats.

Review, edit and discuss content

Make it easy for people to review content with controlled permissions and clear deadlines. Notify others of any changes that are made and use commenting to discuss content.

Approve content

Get content approved on-time and notify others when it is ready to be migrated or published.

Once you're up and running with GatherContent:

  • chevron iconContent production is infinitely faster with in-line collaboration and comments
  • chevron iconWorkflow statuses leave no room for ambiguity when it comes to content approval
  • chevron iconNon-technical team members get onboard easily with familiar editing tools
  • chevron iconYou can sleep easy knowing that all of your content is securely backed-up
Henri Kaukola

We used GatherContent for our corporate website redesign. We connected our wide group of internal stakeholders and external copywriters into a smooth content production process before we had even chosen the CMS platform. This allowed parallel execution of content production and technical implementationwhich was critical for the timely launch of the new website.

Henri Kaukola

Head of Marketing, Outotec


Make sure people know what to do and when

Define a bespoke workflow to suit your organisation and process. Assign people to content and make it clear what their roles and responsibilities are so they can focus on what they need to do.

Quickly see how content is progressing so you can update stakeholders and manage projects effectively.

Agree on the roles and responsibilities

Define the roles and permissions of your project team, to keep them focused on their responsibilities.

Your team might look like this:

Project managers

Manage content structure, project workflow and assignments

UX architects

Create content structure and manage templates

Writers & editors

Write, discuss content and update workflow status


Comment only and update workflow status


Export content and access files library

chevron iconYou can also create your own custom roles with unique permissions

chevron iconYou can customise workflows and permissions to suit your project requirements

Once you're up and running with GatherContent:

  • chevron iconEveryone is clear on what they need to do, when, and why
  • chevron iconYour custom workflow speeds up the content approval process and removes confusion
  • chevron iconRoles and permissions allow you to control exactly what each person can access
  • chevron iconYour project timeline is visualised and accessible on a central calendar
Julio Taylor

Version control was a big problem with Word documents. What is ‘FinalContentVersion2Proof 3.doc?’ Now we have a definitive single location for all content, GatherContent.

Julio Taylor

UX Director and MD, BigSpring

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Migrate approved content into the CMS,
ready to go live

Use our integrations to get content into your CMS, or use our API to get your content anywhere. Automating your migration process with GatherContent will save you crucial hours on copying & pasting, helping launch your projects on time.

See all of our integrations View our API documentation

Integrates with

Once you're up and running with GatherContent:

  • chevron iconNever copy and paste content into your CMS again. Never. Again.
  • chevron iconSimple CMS integrations automate the migration process while preserving structure
  • chevron iconEach CMS integration is produced and maintained by dedicated experts
  • chevron iconMultiple export formats and a customisable export API prevent content being siloed
Beth Blinebury

GatherContent has given us a tool to get content started early in our website projects. I love the Wordpress integration, it has saved us a lot of time when it comes to getting approved content into our website builds.

Beth Blinebury

Owner & Designer, Blinebury Design

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