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A platform to run your complete content operations

Gather and organise content in one place

With GatherContent:

  • All your content operations tasks happen in one platform from planning, production through to approval
  • All content including text and media files are stored (and backed up!) in one place
  • Everyone knows exactly where to go to work on content
  • There's no confusion over the latest version
  • Get started quickly by importing content from different sources

"Content is what makes or breaks a project so we take it seriously to ensure our projects stay on track and on budget. Using GatherContent helps us achieve this. The best thing about using GatherContent is that it keeps everything in one place and we can collaborate easily.

Evan Young, Content Strategist at Integrity

Ensure content is in the right structure and style

With GatherContent:

  • Build custom templates so it's easy for people to provide the content you need
  • Field level guidelines make the content brief crystal clear for your contributors, making sure content is written in the right tone of voice, inline with style guidelines
  • Setting rules such as word or character limitations ensures content is structured to be easily exported to your publishing tools
  • Consistency is made simple using a library of custom Templates for your common content types

"Content was always the biggest problem in getting sites launched: it was never delivered in the right format, length or structure and was always late. Now we have a tool to manage the content production and migration process. It's really easy to see what state everything is in and what still needs to be worked on.

Lisa McGowan, Content Strategist at ​Rolling Orange

Real-time content collaboration

With GatherContent:

  • Multiple people can work on content at the same time
  • In-line commenting and @ing makes it easy to discuss content and speeds up reviews
  • Activity notifications keep everyone in the loop
  • Revisions make it easy to see who changed what
  • Formatting shortcuts and editing tools to speed up the writing process

"We used GatherContent for our website redesign, connecting internal stakeholders and external copywriters into a smooth content production process before we selected our CMS. This allowed parallel execution of content and technical implementation which was critical to launch our site on time.

Henri Kaukola, Head of Marketing at Outotec

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Make sure people know what to do and when

With GatherContent:

  • Create a custom workflow to manage your content production process
  • The status of work is super clear throughout the account, helping you track progress and identify bottlenecks
  • Assignments and due-dates make sure people know what they're meant to be working on and when!
  • Roles and permissions allow you to control exactly what each person can access
  • All your content operations tasks can happen in one platform from planning through to approval

"I always use GatherContent with clients to manage the editorial process. They have so many stakeholders, it's the best way to keep track of reviewers' comments. I love this tool, I couldn't do my job without it!

Rachel DeLauder, Content Strategist at NewCity


Deliver effective content to your audience

With GatherContent:

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"GatherContent has given us a tool to get content started early in our website projects. I love the Wordpress integration, it has saved us a lot of time when it comes to getting approved content into our website builds.

​Beth Blinebury, Owner & Designer at Blinebury Design

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