How to bring teams together around digital projects with simple collaboration techniques

Ideas to help you foster a collaborative culture in any multi-disciplinary team.

How often do you find yourself collaborating with individuals whose working practices are new to you? This webinar shares ideas to help you foster a collaborative culture in any multi-disciplinary team.

When people with different skill sets, diverse industry languages and expertise collaborate together, there is great potential for that team to break new ground and produce work that could not have been done by any one individual. The flip side is that there can be great gaps in understanding between team members, mixed messages and conflicting senses of the task at hand.

The video offers ways to set up healthy collaborative practices to help you and your team find a shared language and navigate the choppy waters of any collaborative venture.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar recording is suitable for those who are digital experts (such as content specialists, designers and developers) at agencies or in-house, and also for those who don’t have much digital expertise but may be embarking on a digital project. It is suitable both for team members who predominantly collaborate in-the-room, but there are some tips for distance-collaboration.

What will I learn?

Watch the recording


About the presenter

Ellen de Vries is a content strategist at Clearleft, a strategic design consultancy in based in Brighton, UK. Being a content strategist is by nature a collaborative role; on any one day she might be working with a range of people, from designers and developers to animators and AI experts.

Over the last two years, she’s been working with brands such as Penguin Random House, big household names in UK retail and a charity who campaign for young people’s human rights. The outcomes of her work are wide ranging, from creating messaging and stories for cross-channel digital experiences, to brand language and tone of voice shifts, to breaking down silos and structuring content teams.

In a world where digital design practices are increasingly fragmented, Ellen’s mission is to work with multi-disciplinary groups to establish a shared language that gives them a spark and propels their collaboration forward.

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