Building relationships for better workflow: getting stakeholder buy-in across a siloed organisation

How the University of Auckland worked with its stakeholders to transform its web presence and set its content team up for success.

In 2016, the University of Auckland embarked on a three-year program of work that would revive its web presence. It wanted to change its digital first-impression from an out-of-date, content-heavy, organisation-focused and traditional website to an engaging online experience designed for its users that truly showcased the vibrancy of university life – and attracted students from around the globe to study at its campuses.

On paper, the brief was fairly straight forward: conduct user research, define personas and customer journeys, design a new information architecture and audit and re-write hundreds of pages of content so that it was useful and usable. But the team knew that a critical component to the success of the project was to get stakeholder buy-in. Without that, none of the deliverables would be accepted, content would not be reviewed or approved in the tight timeframes given, and the new centralised website would lose its integrity quickly after launch.

In this webinar recording, some of the team share their journey through this program of work. Hear how they engaged stakeholders from the beginning, adapted content production workflows so they fit the business, and built an Agile content team that mobilised content producers across the University to create user-first content that ignored internal silos.

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Who is the webinar recording for?

This recording is for Higher Education content professionals about to tackle any type of large digital project, or are keen to learn strategies for building content teams with a great internal culture.

What will I learn?

From this recording you’ll learn:

About the presenters

Michelle Park is the Web Content Publisher at the University of Auckland and has been part of the Web Presence Improvement Programme from the beginning. She has many superpowers including being able to carry a passable conversation with developers, understand most management-speak and get on great-guns with stakeholders. She’s a self-taught, lifelong learner; which is just as well given the speed of change in this industry.

Sally Bagshaw worked with the team for 18 months as the Content Strategist. During this time she was heavily involved in building strong stakeholder relationships, creating a new information architecture for the site, developing a content toolkit for producers and working closely with the content team regarding governance. Travelling to Auckland regularly meant she also got to sample some of the best food and wine New Zealand has to offer.

This presentation also had a lot of input from Frazer Orr, the University’s Content Lead. His pragmatic, agile approach helped build a content team that became well respected across the University of Auckland, with many other business areas adopting his ‘Golden Rules’.

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