Use Pair Writing for Effective Content Collaboration

Write with your stakeholders and focus on meeting user needs together.

Imagine a world where you’re happy to collaborate on content with anyone—however different your perspectives—because you know that you’ll focus on meeting user needs together.

Where every piece of feedback helps to make content more effective. Where you feel satisfied after every content session because you’ve created something together that you couldn’t create on your own.

Imagine a world where everyone enjoys collaborating on content.

This isn’t a fantasy world. It’s real. You may have experienced it, or at least seen glimpses of it. Would you like to enter this world? Do you want to learn techniques that will make it appear? Pair writing is one of these techniques, and you’ll learn how to use it in this webinar.

Pair writing is a technique for collaborating on content in real time. Instead of exchanging drafts or correcting with a red pen, two people sit down together to write. You can use it to collaborate with subject matter experts, stakeholders, or clients. In this webinar Jonathan Kahn, organiser of agile content conf, shows us how to use pair writing. You’ll learn how the technique works, watch a demonstration, and plan your next steps for using it in your next content project.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone who works with content, whether at an agency or in-house, including:

What will I learn?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

Feedback from attendees

I was sceptical about pair writing because in my experience, working with SMEs to create useful and usable content sometimes seems like a contest of wills that drags on forever. However, after the webinar I applied the approach with a current client. This collaboration turned out to be a beautiful, repeatable and best of all, very efficient experience!

– Kirk Grayson, Principal at Pedamento Content Strategy

Watch the recording

About the presenter

Jonathan Kahn

Jonathan Kahn organises agile content conf, where you can learn practices to help teams work together on content. He also organises the London Agile Content Meetup which has 2000 members. He’s @lucidplot on twitter.

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