Content assess and progress

How to identify high-impact content initiatives and next steps.

With so many competing content needs within a large organization, you can’t do everything at once. So how do you know where to begin making content improvements? Now, there’s a better answer than, “Wherever you can!”

In this webinar, Kathy Wagner introduces you to her “Content Assess and Progress” methodology. It helps you home in on the specific aspects of your content, or content practices, that need the most work and will have the biggest impact on your organisation. It also shows you which content strategy tools and resources to use to improve your high-priority content areas.

Who is the webinar recording for?

This recording is for in-house content leaders who have some understanding of over-arching organisational goals and constraints (or lack of them!). It’s also relevant for content strategy consultants who work with in-house content leaders.

What you’ll learn

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About the presenter

Kathy is founder of Content Strategy Inc and works with large organisations to help them improve their content and content practices. Whether it’s laying the foundation for a streamlined enterprise-wide content strategy, or clarifying the website audience and helping to craft key messages, Kathy enjoys working closely with her clients to help them be successful, through content.

With previous careers in technical communications and customer experience research, Kathy has been calling herself a content strategist for over ten years and has worked as a content strategy consultant since 2010. Recent clients include Investors Group, Tourism Saskatchewan, BC Hydro, ICBC, TELUS, Servus Credit Union, The Catholic Relief Agency, The City of Surrey, and others.

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