First ‘What,’ then ‘How’ – Where content strategy really begins

Understand the relationship between an organisation and its content to deliver an effective content strategy.

If you already know about content strategy, its value is obvious. Having a plan for creating and managing user-centered content that delivers business results is essential to ensure that resources are well spent and target audiences have the best possible brand or user experience.

When organisations realise they want and need a content strategy, all too often, they focus on the question, “how?” Strategy is confused with tactics. Instead of first understanding what content to create, organisations push themselves (or their agencies or consultants) to start working immediately on a plan for creating content.

The better question to start with is “what?” Understanding the relationship of an organisation’s content to its overall business or enterprise is key to developing a content strategy that is relevant, viable, and truly “strategic.”

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Tara Shioya is a content strategist with more than 20 years experience helping clients create “content with purpose” – content that is designed to meet specific target audience wants and needs and also, support organisational goals.

A veteran of the (first) dot-com boom, Tara was a pioneer in developing and promoting content strategy as a distinct discipline and specialisation within UX.

As principal of Epigram, Tara has delivered workshops on content strategy and web writing and led user-centered content strategy and editorial projects for corporations, universities, and nonprofit organisations in North America, Europe, and Japan. Past clients include Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Eli Lilly and Company, Georgetown University, and Novartis.

Prior to founding Epigram in 2006, Tara was the director of editorial strategy at MetaDesign in San Francisco and a director of user experience and content strategy at Studio Archetype/Sapient, in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and Munich.

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