Getting your governance and workflow right: making or breaking quality content

Practical advice around the factors you need to think through when designing your workflow and governance – including how to enforce it.

Can it take 6 months to get a piece of draft content published in your organisation?

Are you tired of endless conversations and compromises that keep the peace but don’t serve the person who actually needs to read, understand and use that content?

Governance and workflow are vital both for quality and for efficiency. Getting them right can make your content. Getting them wrong can just as easily break it.

Padma works with leadership in organisations at different stages of digital maturity, with different cultures and approaches, to help them get what they need from their content. He also supports and empowers content professionals as they try to work through the issues they face as they try to fight the good fight for quality content.

In this presentation, Padma talks through the factors you need to think through when designing your workflow and governance – including how to enforce it.

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Who is the webinar recording for?

People working at all levels of the content hierarchy – from the writers, editors, and publishers to content designers to the senior leadership team.

What will I learn?

From this webinar recording you’ll learn:

About the presenter

Padma Gillen is a digital content consultant. He uses his expertise in content design management and agile content production to help organisations create quality content and maximise the effectiveness of their content teams.

He also advises organisations on how to set up and deliver successful web content projects, coaches them through the process, and provides content design teams to make it happen. He is currently helping the University of Southampton shape and deliver their content-led digital transformation project, OneWeb.

Previously, Padma was Head of Content Design at the Government Digital Service (GDS). He had overall responsibility for the quality of content on GOV.UK, the award-winning website of the UK Government.

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