How to use GatherContent for Sitecore projects

Discover how you can use GatherContent to take control of your content production process and import content straight into your Sitecore Experience Editor.

With the launch of our Sitecore connector, you can now plan, produce and seamlessly publish content from GatherContent projects straight into your Experience Editor. Watch our webinar to learn how to use GatherContent for Sitecore projects.

If Sitecore is your CMS of choice, GatherContent is your pre-CMS content solution. GatherContent allows you to run a content production process from planning, through production to approval—all in one place. Find out how we can help you to get Sitecore-ready content on time, in the right format and without the need for back and forth over email or Word Doc track-change-pain.

Who is the webinar for?

Anyone involved in content for Sitecore powered websites! Whether you’re a Sitecore Solution Partner, an agency or in-house team managing Sitecore projects, this webinar will show you how GatherContent can be used to streamline content production and avoid launch delays due to late, wrong or missing content.


What will I learn?

In this webinar we cover how to:

Watch the recording


Find out more about using GatherContent to run a content production process for Sitecore projects

If you don’t already have a GatherContent account, you can get started with our free 30-day trial (no credit card required).

If you’re just setting up your first Sitecore project, see how Razorfish do it with this step by step implementation guide:

Download the implementation guide

Download the Sitecore & GatherContent Implementation Guide

Learn how Razorfish approach website projects with this step by step guide on how to use GatherContent with Sitecore

Or if you want to start using our connector to map content to your Sitecore installation, check out our Sitecore documentation where you can grab the download and installation instructions.

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