How to repeatedly create effective content: An introduction to ContentOps

Learn about the infrastructure and processes needed to produce content that meets user needs and business goals.

Content operations, or ContentOps, isn’t the same as content strategy, because it assumes you already have a plan to execute on. And it’s not the same as content management or content marketing because its span is far wider than the realm of a CMS or publishing tools.

So what is it really? Why should you invest in ContentOps and when?

In this webinar Angus Edwardson, Product Director at GatherContent, answers those questions to help you think about how to start making your own ContentOps more effective for delivering real value with content.

Who should watch?

This recording is for anyone involved in content production. Whether the strategist, writer, manager, business owner or Head of Digital. But let’s not get bogged down in the semantics of job titles, you should have a watch if:

What will I learn?

After watching the video you’ll understand:

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About the presenter

Angus is the Product Director and Co-Founder at GatherContent where he spends his time taming the product roadmap and dreaming of a world without Word documents.

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