Collaborating on content with stakeholders

Watch the recording of our Q&A with CSForum 2016 Speaker, Sally Bagshaw.

Ahead of her talk at CSForum 2016, we had chance to speak to one of their presenters, Content Strategist Sally Bagshaw. In 90 minutes we asked Sally questions submitted by our audience, all focused around collaborating on content with stakeholders.

Collaborating on content is hard. There are many aspects to consider and lots of obstacles to overcome – so it was a jam packed 90 minutes with invaluable knowledge and insight from Sally.

Who is the webinar for?

Anyone looking to improve the way they work with others! Whether you’re just starting out, or have plenty of experience under your belt, Sally’s advice covers many content collaboration challenges.

The questions we asked:

Find out the answers!


About the presenter

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Sally Bagshaw is a Brisbane-based content strategist who has been wrangling content since 2001. With a background in copywriting and business communication, she has helped big corporates, publishers, government, and a range of universities to plan for, create and manage useful and usable content. A bit of a geek at heart, she often works as an intermediary between technical teams and business stakeholders to make sure content requirements of both parties are fully understood. Sally loves big web redevelopment projects, workshops with lots of sticky notes, and advocating the use of sentence case. She’s not scared of spreadsheets or metadata but hates the word migration. Known for saying “content is easy, people are the messy part”, she firmly believes that sometimes the best content strategy is to have less content.

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