Take your Content Operations to the next level

Tame the content chaos into a content system.

Systems scientist Peter M. Senge once said “It’s not what the vision is. It’s what the vision does.” The most amazing content vision and strategy in the world means little if you can’t do it.

That’s where content operations, or ContentOps, comes in. No matter how big or small your company or client is, operations can help you make the most of content.

In this webinar Colleen Jones, Head of Content at MailChimp and author of The Content Advantage, shares practical advice for ensuring your ContentOps are efficient and yield effective content.

Who is the webinar recording for?

If you want to help your company or your clients do content better, then this recording is for you. Including:

Anyone who is involved in content will also benefit from learning how to make process, roles, technology, and more support their work so it’s more efficient and effective.

What will I learn?

This webinar introduces a model for content operations to help you:

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About the presenter

Colleen Jones is the head of content at MailChimp, the marketing platform recognized by Inc. as 2017 Company of the Year. A content expert and Star Wars fan, Colleen is also the founder of Content Science, a content strategy and intelligence firm where she advised or trained hundreds of the world’s leading organizations to become Jedi Masters of digital content, including six of the Fortune 50 and five of the largest US web properties.

A passionate entrepreneur, Colleen led Content Science to develop products, such as ContentWRX, that are empowering brands from American Cancer Society to AT&T to make content effective. Colleen has been named a Content Change Agent by Intercom magazine as well as one of the Top 50 Content Strategists and one of the Top 50 Content Marketers by multiple organisations.

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