The state of Higher Education digital environments

Why university and college digital ecosystems are complex and how understanding them helps manage content, user experience, performance and risk.

The typical university digital environment comprises a mix of websites and other content-rich systems that have evolved independently to meet end user needs. Fragmented development leads to sprawling web estates comprising hundreds of thousands of pages on hundreds of sub-sites with unknown content, performance and user experience issues.

This webinar discusses the work by eQAfy in exploring and collecting data to understand these environments to ensure that higher education development and digital transformation decisions are evidence-based.

The format of the webinar is a 45 minute presentation and up to 30 minutes for discussion and Q&A.

Who is the webinar for?

Marketing and communications specialists, website service owners, content strategists, digital managers, digital specialists, web developers, web designers and web governance specialists in higher education.

What will I learn?

Using data drawn from higher education websites attendees will learn how lack of central or “corporate’ knowledge about web estates or digital environments:

  • Potentially impedes strategic objectives and reduces web governance effectiveness
  • Can create user experience and content quality issues on locally-managed websites
  • Masks accessibility and usability problems
  • Can hide potential information security and privacy issues
  • Obscures business continuity concerns and cost inefficiencies

What you need to know

  • The webinar is free 👏
  • Join us: Tuesday April 11th, 4pm – 5:15pm BST
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About the presenter

Paul Bradley’s combination of skills, knowledge and competencies come from being an engineer, management consultant, software project manager, chief operating officer, chief compliance officer and a technology analyst. Paul has also survived two previous start-ups. At eQAfy, Paul and the team help higher education institutions discover, log and monitor all their websites to improve website performance and effectiveness and reduce risk exposures. As a result, sites deliver their intended user experiences and meet their marketing and communications objectives. Paul cares about fact finding, problem solving and evidence-based decision making.

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