How to create information architectures that drive project success

How to add context to your IA that is informed by brand, voice, tone, business goals and customer needs.

The information architecture is the most important document in the web development process. It’s the accumulation of lengthy brand discoveries, audience research, content audits, and the list goes on. It’s a major milestone—transitioning teams from mere information gatherers to professional problem solvers. The IA presentation should be more than a sad piece of paper with grey boxes and lines.

It should be triumphant.

In this webinar, Ryan Smith explores how the IA document is the most important in the web development process. Moving away from grey boxes to represent a site structure, Ryan uses GatherContent as an example client to demonstrate how to add context to your IA that is informed by brand, voice, tone, business goals and customer needs.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is for the information architects, content strategists, designers and any web professional who works with others on the information architecture of websites. Watch the recording and join in the celebration of context-driven IA. Hip! Hip! IA!

You’ll love learning about context-driven IA…

Watch the recording

About the presenter


Ryan Smith is the Director of Digital Strategy at Planit, a Baltimore-based strategic, digitally minded brand agency. For more than 10 years he’s led some of Planit’s most complex and creative projects, translating abstract business challenges into simple and intuitive user flows, architecture documents, and designs.

Subscribing to a content-first approach to web development, Ryan’s cross-functional team discovers audience needs, analyzes and shapes content, and then monitors the effectiveness of these solutions against a set of predefined objectives.

Over the course of his tenure at Planit, he’s helped Rihanna break records for Universal Music Group, worked towards changing the global perception of McCormick, created award-winning youth education platforms for both the Kennedy Center and PBS Kids, and surpassed online revenue projections year-over-year for Mally Beauty. Other big names—including Under Armour, Marriott International, HBO, Fila, The Lincoln Center, and Dewalt—can attest to Ryan and his team’s imaginative and results-driven solutions.

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