How to manage the politics of content

Learn how to help change the dynamics of content creators and enable your organisation to create more effective content.

In this webinar, content strategist Hilary Marsh explores the reasons why people create bad content and maintain ineffective content practices. (HINT: Many of those reasons involve organisational politics.) Before an organisation can implement smart, sustainable practices for creating good content, it must align its people and processes.

Reflecting on insights from her experience with organisations both as a staff member and a consultant, Hilary will help you identify the political barriers that exist and will paint the picture of what it takes to overcome those barriers.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is for you if you work in an organisation that creates a lot of content – especially an organisation that’s been around for many years, or even decades. Many of these organisations are government agencies, large corporations, educational institutions, or nonprofit associations. It’s also for you if you work in an agency that works with these kinds of organisations.

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Download the slides

Take a look at the complete slide-deck from Hilary’s presentation.

About the presenter

Hilary Marsh

Hilary is founder and chief strategist of Content Company, a Chicago consultancy specialising in content strategy for associations, nonprofit organisations, higher education institutions, and corporations.

Having practiced content strategy since 1999, Hilary brings diverse experience and practical examples of what works and doesn’t work to create an atmosphere where content can thrive strategically.

Before starting Content Company, Hilary was the managing director of, the member site for the million-member National Association of Realtors, where she created the organisation’s first content strategy and hired a team of content strategists. She is a frequent speaker at global conferences, developed and teaches a content strategy course as part of Kent State University’s online masters program in user experience design, and is the owner of the 25,000-member Content Strategy group on LinkedIn.

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