How to sell the value of content strategy

Everything you need to connect the dots between business, brand and benefits.

Content strategy underpins discussions of digital, publishing, and social media strategies, to name a few. The discipline covers a range of activities that stretch any skill set; the challenge is to understand how a content strategy can work in various business contexts, and to match the type of content strategy to the situation.

Understanding the benefits of content strategy are often reactive, relieving a pain point, while the greater benefits remain unarticulated and not understood. The idea that managing content as a business asset, with an iterative lifecycle, can bring value and ROI, rarely enters corporate discourse.

This webinar explores the connections between functional areas within the discipline of content strategy to provide a framework for both organisations and practitioners.

Who is the webinar for?

Ideal for those who are trying to establish a content strategy process within their agency or team. The webinar will arm you with the information you need to get stakeholders or clients on board with you content vision.

What will I learn?

Watch the recording

About the presenter


Rahel is an integrator of content strategy, requirements analysis, information architecture, and content management to increase ROI of content that matters, and a supporter of content structure and standards. She is founder of Intentional Design, Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, co-author of Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits, co-editor of The Language of Content Strategy, and co-producer of Content Strategy Workshops.

In 2014, she is developing a content strategy as Global Head of Content Strategy for RS Components in the UK’s East Midlands region. Previous clients have included eBay and the City of Vancouver.

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