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Avoid non-compliance and take better content to market, faster.

Content workflow software that takes the chaos out of content creation, review, approval, and governance — at scale.

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Turn content operations into competitive advantage

Expectations for content within your digital experience are rising — customers expect their needs to be met sooner, and the business expects outcomes to be achieved faster.

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Take better content to market, faster

Reduce the time it takes for content to go through every stage of your approval workflow so you can hit your goals sooner.

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Avoid non-compliance, and reduce regulatory risk

Make it easier to fact check, compliance review, and quality assure content.

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Create culture that values good content

Good content stands out. Make it easy for stakeholders to engage with, and celebrate your content strategy.

Tackling content operations challenges at scale

with Jeneba Wint, AVP Content Operations

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GatherContent helps us streamline the process required to create consistently good content, while getting everyone on the same page, and delivering a delightful and consistent experience across our digital platforms.

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Ewen Boey Yu-Wen
Content Strategy Lead, User Experience, Great Eastern

Financial services content scales with us

Examples from our customers who are already scaling content operations.

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Types of content

Collaborate in real-time on as many content types as you need, for example:

  • Financial product information
  • Financial product marketing content
  • Articles for marketing
  • Content for webinars, and events
  • Email marketing content
  • Newsroom and investor relations content
  • Articles for help and support
  • Email for customer experience
  • Customer-facing employee profiles
  • Legal and company policy
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Publishing channels

Publish or deliver your content to any system in your stack with our Integrations, and API.

  • CMS & website(s)
  • Email, and CRM
  • Digital collateral (ebooks, presentations etc)
  • Print
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Stakeholder groups

Bring clarity to everyone who touches content in your workflow, for example:

  • VPs/Heads of Marketing, Content and Communications
  • Content Strategists & Operations
  • Content Marketers and SEO Managers
  • Content Designers
  • Financial Subject Matter Experts
  • Writers, and Editors
  • Risk Advisory and Compliance
  • Legal
  • External agencies, contractors and freelancers

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GatherContent has demonstrated huge leaps in productivity which is part of our movement to modernise financial services

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George Adamson
Senior Manager, Experience Technology, Publicis Sapient

Bring clarity to everyone in your content workflow

Overcome the common (and completely avoidable) challenges that surround content creation, review, approval, and governance.

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If you can send an email, you can use GatherContent

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Dominic Billington
Head of Marketing and Digital Experience, York St John University