Captivating content is the key to engaging students with marketing campaigns

Spend more time focusing on improving content, and less time managing the chaos that surrounds it.

All marketing content in one platform

There’s no barrier to progress when everyone knows where content is and what to do next.

Collaborative content editing

Connect remotely, with customisable permissions to control the required level of input.

Customisable content templates

Guide authors to provide any type of content in the correct format, and style.

Helping universities engage students with compelling marketing content

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Create consistent messages for multi-channel campaigns

Manage and create all content types from the same platform, helping bring people, process and technology together.

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Facilitate student participation in user-generated content

Create a simple mechanism for students to contribute content with content templates and shareable links.

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Learn from Higher Education thought leaders

Our resources library offers guides, webinars and downloads from expert speakers from the higher education industry to you, for free. Explore our library for examples, case studies, advice and stories to boost your content strategy and operations know-how.

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What customers say about us

GatherContent has helped us have time to focus on improving content quality which impacts its effectiveness, not only for our university’s reputation but it can lead to more applications, acceptances, funding outcomes etc.
Mike Powers,
Director of Electronic Communications
We had 400 stakeholders involved in our project that needed to play varying roles - some to write and edit, some only to comment - GatherContent allows us to manage this across the team.
​Jane Young,
Project Manager
GatherContent was able to help us overhaul and streamline our content collation process. It enabled academic, administrative and marketing staff to copy write and proof content in a flexible yet cohesive way. This resulted in copy needing fewer revisions at proofing stage and leaves us with a platform to use for other projects that will ensure uniformity of message and consistency in style.
Steve Male,
Head of Marketing Services
It's good to have one place where we can upload content and everyone who requires it knows where to access it. It saves a lot of email traffic.
Katy Bennett,
Associate Professor in Human Geography
GatherContent has been a huge success for website creation and continual maintenance at Illinois State University. It has given us the chance to strictly focus on the content on the page which has led to a stronger end product produced in a faster timeframe than in the past.
Zach Parcell,
Content Strategy and User Experience Manager
GatherContent removes complexity from the content production process, reduces risk, and allows authors to focus on what matters: the quality of the content. It’s instilled a collaborative way of working.
Dominic Billington,
Head of Marketing and Digital Experience

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Increase productivity, improve content quality and control compliance from one platform.

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Increase team productivity

Manage high stakes content collaboration and creation from one place.

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Improve content quality

Enhance and protect your brand reputation with high quality content.

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Ensure content compliance

Be confident that your content is accurate and meets regulatory requirements.

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