GatherContent vs Office 365
for Content Operations

Replace a combination of six tools with a single platform, designed to plan, create and manage high volumes of content.

GatherContent Vs Office 365

The biggest difference is we are purpose built!

GatherContent was built specifically to support the process of producing high volumes of content with multiple people involved, with bespoke features to make this process run smoothly. Microsoft Office 365 is built to serve a multitude of uses. High volume content creation is complex, make it easier with a purpose built tool.

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The benefits you only get with GatherContent

One tool instead of six+

GatherContent allows you to manage your content operations from draft stage to published, all from one platform. To replicate this functionality with Microsoft Office 365, you need to use an array of tools: Word + Excel + OneDrive + To Do (/Project) + Email + Calendar!

Structured content

When content is created in Microsoft Word authors are given a blank slate without guardrails for structure and length. In contrast, Content Templates in GatherContent remove ambiguity and speed up production by making it crystal clear what content needs to be produced.

Content workflow

One of the biggest challenges that comes with creating lots of content, is keeping track of the content status. Content Workflow is built into the heart of GatherContent so that wherever you are in the platform, you can clearly understand content status, what needs to happen next or if you have any production bottlenecks. To replicate project management like this in Microsoft Office, it would likely involve labour intensive Excel spreadsheets, which would need to be managed manually to create a view of content status.

Project management

GatherContent makes contributor roles and responsibilities clear with content assignments and deadlines. Project managers can assign work, and the platform automatically sends email notifications to alert contributors and remind them of upcoming deadlines. Collaborators can view all their assignments in GatherContent from a single view. In Microsoft Office you would need to use either shared To Do lists or Microsoft Project, and onboard your team to another system.

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