Producing content for your web projects shouldn't be this chaotic

Simplify your content production process with GatherContent

In a nutshell, GatherContent helps you take the chaos
out of producing content for website projects

Setup your sitemap

Create structured
content templates

Set up a content approval
workflow with deadlines

Export approved content to
your CMS (or use our API!)

Invite people to write,
review and approve content

Invite people to write,
review and approve content

Export approved content to
your CMS (or use our API!)

Designed to make website content production
work for agencies and in-house teams of all sizes

Join 1000s of teams who no longer wrestle with shared folders, spreadsheets, documents and email to produce content for their projects

Organise production and prevent content delaying your launch schedule

See how our features ensure the process stays on track

Your website content, all in one place

Get started with your project by setting up your sitemap and say goodbye to multiple documents, spreadsheets and folders.

Create pages (we call them Items) to match your structure. If your sitemap changes as your project continues, you can always come back and re-order, add or delete Items - individually, or in bulk!

Get structured content in the format you need, first time

Create custom templates for your content to specify what is required on each page of your site. Drag and drop fields to quickly create Templates that can then be duplicated and edited at scale. You can also add field-level guidelines to let authors know exactly what you need from them.

The who, what and when with custom content workflows

Create a workflow to match your content production process, defining the stages you need from draft through to published. Assign statuses to Items to let the next person know when it's their turn to add, edit or approve content.

Due dates and assignments make responsibility clear to prevent content bottlenecks. Our automatic notifications keep everyone on track, so you don't have to.

Invite colleagues, clients and third-parties to contribute content to your project

Assign people to content they are responsible for and use familiar collaboration features such as inline commenting and revision history to get content approved on time.

You can also customise people’s roles and permissions so they only see the things they need to.

Never bulk copy and paste into your CMS again!

You'll save hours at the finish line by easily exporting approved content to your CMS using our official connectors, dev-friendly API or by HTML and CSV.

GatherContent keeps my content organized, and makes communicating with my web team much clearer. All web projects should start with your platform.

Matt Murray

Content Strategist, Epiphany Search

GatherContent is really helpful because it has a very low learning curve. We can confidently share access with departments and get them onboard and working on their content quickly and easily.

Dan Wiggle

University of York, Digital Communications Manager

We make it easy to get content into your CMS

Save days by automating the migration process from GatherContent to your CMS. You can choose from our official CMS Integrations or use our API to take your content anywhere.




v7 + v8

Expression Engine





v8.2 + v9



Adobe Experience Manager





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Check out our integrations page for complete documentation

Because of GatherContent, we rarely have trouble getting content from clients on time now. To me, this is amazing. In 15+ years, that’s always been a problem (in fact, the main problem). All of a sudden, only 10% of our projects get delayed because of content. Before, it was 90%.

Don Elliott

Director of Production, Gravitate

We like that GatherContent feels like a website to use – that really helps us write and edit specifically for the web, as opposed to print. Plus it’s a much more user friendly platform for developing content in than our CMS – the more ‘final’ we can get our content before going into the CMS, the better.

Helen Leech

Senior Editorial Officer, Mind

Simple and transparent pricing

We don't hide features in premium plans, simply pick a plan to suit the volume of projects and Items you need. All plans start with a free 30-day trial - no credit card required!


Ideal for small teams running a few content projects

$ 79 /mo
  • Up to 500 Items
  • 10 active projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100GB storage
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Best for teams with a number of large projects

$ 149 /mo
  • Up to 1000 Items
  • 25 active projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100GB storage
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Great for teams managing content production at scale

$ 259 /mo
  • Up to 2000 Items
  • 50 active projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100GB storage
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30 day free trial No credit card required Need a larger plan? Let us know

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GatherContent is a game changer. Our content processes used to involve an ineffective mix of spreadsheets, documents, and a slew of file storage solutions. Version control was a nightmare and proofing was always an afterthought. With GatherContent we've solved all of those problems and more. We now start the content process earlier; creating the site structure and templates takes minutes and not having to wait for CMS development is huge. We can assign each piece of content to the right owner, and everyone on the team knows if we're ahead or behind. Customizing workflows is a breeze, and due date reminders are automated. Soon the API will start saving us thousands of hours a year. To top if off, our clients love it too.

Mark McClendon

Executive Director, VML