December 2017

  • Integration

    You can now integrate with EpiServer 10.2+ πŸ™Œ

    Using the GatherContent EpiServer integration, you can:

    • Migrate content into EpiServer
    • Update migrated content in EpiServer

    You can read all about the EpiServer integration in the documentation.

    Check out the help article
  • Integration

    Our AEM integration now supports version 6.3 and has export capability πŸ™Œ

    The latest version of the integration includes AEM’s export capability πŸŽ‰
    Now you can:

    Other cool updates include:

    • A hierarchy view in AEM for Import, Export and Update
    • Abstract AEM Template Page mapping for Export
    • Custom Structure items for Import and Export
    • Parent Entries Items for Import
    • Image Gallery support for Import (multiple attachments import)
    • Copy Import and Export Mappings
    • Import Results page unique URL

    Click to access the AEM Integration home in our Help Centre

  • Bugs
    • We fixed a bug where exporting an Item as a PDF or Docx wasn’t working correctly. This also caused issues with importing a csv file into GatherContent. All fixed now πŸ‘ ☺️