July 2018

  • Feature

    Hooray 🎉We've released revisions in the new content editor! Along with seeing content edits, you can now see formatting and asset changes.

    Check out the help article
  • Feature

    The new content editor now has a 'Read only' option on workflow statuses 👀

    Check out the help article
  • Update

    We've done some design touch-ups on the structure editor 🎨

  • Bugs
    • We’ve made some tweaks to the on-boarding screen when using GatherContent on the mobile browser
    • Option fields (checkboxes and radio buttons) were causing trouble when duplicating a template. They’re now duplicated properly and save without problems 👍
    • This also caused issues when making edits to templates and disconnected item structures. They’re saving again as they should 💥
    • Content was going MIA when exporting items as PDF and Word docs but we’ve fixed it now. Exports are a wily one! ⌚️
    • We’ve fixed some quirks with comments and tables 🙌 Comments were losing their place on the page but we’ve restored order 😉
    • We’ve had teething pains with revisions in the new content editor 👶 Rusks all round!