September 2017

  • Integration

    The latest version of our Umbraco integration supports 7.6! 🙌

  • Integration

    Major Drupal Integration improvements including Paragraphs module support! 🎉

    Here’s a full description of the major refactoring, architectural updates and new features!

    • PHP integration library is now decoupled from the module, providing a quick starting point for any future PHP based framework integration. It also makes the Drupal integration more streamlined and allows for better support for future changes in the GatherContent API.
    • The GatherContent Drupal module has been split up into different components for performance and maintenance reasons, which allows sitebuilders to reduce the total number of modules enabled in production
    • The GatherContent Drupal module has now support for Paragraphs in various configuration (single instance, unlimited instance)
    Check out the help article