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GatherContent was born from first-hand experience of the stress associated with wrangling content for websites. Our founders ran a digital agency working on chaotic and content-heavy projects. They quickly realised they were not alone in their frustrations with content not being given the respect it deserves.

Since GatherContent launched in 2012 we've helped tens of thousands of teams, across 135 countries, avoid hours of pain. We continually strive for a better way to organise, structure, produce, manage and migrate content for web projects - fighting the good fight against bad content.

GatherContent is fully remote, with team members working across the UK and Europe.

Why we're here

Because content matters. Content is crucial, however it’s often overlooked. It’s seen as a cost and not a source of value. We want to change that through education, advocacy and better ways of working.

To confront a market of ill-fitting products that fail content producers. Collaborating on content at scale is hard and the tools that exist aren’t fit for purpose. Word documents, spreadsheets and emails are a recipe for delays and stress. CMS’ aren’t designed for authoring. We’re changing these accepted, broken ways of working on content, to meet the fundamental needs of content producers.

To create a company we’re proud of. We want to create a world-class company that’s fair, transparent and employee driven. We want to create a company that cares equally about our people, planet and profit, to be a BS-free, psychologically safe workplace where people can do the best work of their lives, and enjoy the process. We want our team to be able to work remotely, flexibly and have a great work/life balance.

What we value

At GatherContent our values aren't just a list in a company handbook, they're a genuine part of how we work and live every day.

Wellness comes first.
Wellness comes first.
Strong opinions, loosely held.
Wellness comes first.
Leave your ego at the door.
Integrity always.
Continuous improvement.
Direct feedback.

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We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. If building a world-class product, a sustainable business, and having great work/life balance are your thing, get in touch.

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Mark McClendon

GatherContent is a game changer. Our content processes used to involve an ineffective mix of spreadsheets, documents, and a slew of file storage solutions. Version control was a nightmare and proofing was always an afterthought. With GatherContent we've solved all of these process problems and more, and we can now start the content process earlier. To top if off, our clients love it too.

Mark McClendon
Partner & Executive Director, VMLY&R