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What you can expect when you use GatherContent for help documentation

Finally, a simple way to manage content creation for help centres.

GatherContent Content Hub UI

A structured content creation process

Content Workflow creates clear responsibilities for everyone involved.

Consistently formatted content

Content Templates ensure collaborators follow an agreed content format and style.

Updates are able to be processed quickly

Notifications keep the pace moving to keep content up to date and accurate.

One source of truth for content

Make it easy for your team to create new or update existing help content from a single platform.

Helping support teams maintain over 10,000 help documents

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Features designed to simplify help content creation and maintenance

Increase production pace when you use GatherContent to plan, create and update content.

Customisable Content Templates

Content Templates outline exactly what your contributors need to produce—ensuring content is created in a consistent format that’s easy for your customers to follow.

GatherContent Content Template UI
GatherContent Content Status UI

Team Content Workflow

Everyone knows what to do and when with Content Workflow—communicating the key stages your content needs to pass through to be approved to publish.

A collaborative Content Editor

There’s no barrier to progress with cloud-based content collaboration so everyone can access and work on content at the same time⁠.

GatherContent Content Editor UI

Maintain help documentation in 5 simple steps

Use a single platform to plan, produce and manage help centre content creation.

1) Create project structure

Use folders to organise your help documentation, with content items for each document.

2) Build re-usable content templates

Design content templates to ensure authors deliver content in the consistent format and style.

3) Set up a content workflow

Customise your project workflow to communicate the stages content needs to pass through to get published.

4) Invite your team to collaborate

Assign roles to bring together authors, editors and reviewers into a single platform to plan and maintain help content.

5) Migrate approved content

Use our integrations of API to migrate approved content to your help platform.

Simplify help content creation & maintenance

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