Build a repeatable system for content creation with Content Workflow

Workflows make responsibility and actions clear, to keep content creation moving and avoid content bottlenecks.

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Advanced Workflow

This powerful feature allows you to operationalize more complex content operation workflows, clarify the accountability for work, and standardize scheduling operations.

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GatherContent Content Status UI

Content Workflow shows everyone where content is at and what needs to happen next

Bake workflow into the same system you produce content in so you never need a content status spreadsheet again.

GatherContent Content Workflow UI
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Set automated due dates

Ensure your content is moving through the workflow in a timely manner

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Set Automated Workflow Assignments

Assign the right people to the right content — every time. Encourage accountability and productivity

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Set Multiple Workflows

Create a series of workflow statuses for your content

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Content Calendar

Helping you organise and plan team schedules

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Integrate with Slack

Get notified in Slack when an item's workflow status has been updated in GatherContent

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Keeping track of all of the content projects for a SaaS company can be a recipe for confusion and missed deadlines. GatherContent has been a godsend for our agile content team. Notifying different people at each stage of the workflow in GatherContent keeps project up the project momentum.

Liz Millikin
Content Marketer at Survey Gizmo

Content Workflows for every project type

Design custom content creation workflows to match the steps content needs to pass through in order to be published.

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Scale content creation confidently with Advanced Workflow

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