Content Project Management: Goodbye to guesswork, chasing and chaos

Rally your contributors from day one to deadline, with a single platform to coordinate content creation.

GatherContent Project Card UI

Create content assignments

Use customisable Content Templates to outline content requirements and assign contributors to produce, review or edit content.

Design content workflow

Create a Content Workflow to show contributors the stages content needs to pass through and allow you to track content status.

Set content deadlines

Set deadlines for each stage of your content production process to set clear expectations and keep content moving.

Jane Young
Quotation Mark

We had 400 stakeholders involved in our project that needed to play varying roles - some to write and edit, some only to comment - GatherContent allows us to manage this across the team.

Jane Young
Project Manager at Victoria University

Clearly communicate content requirements

Make sure people know when they need to produce and review content by, with assignments and due dates.

GatherContent Content Status UI
GatherContent Content Status UI

Identify content bottlenecks

Confidently track content status throughout your account, helping you track progress across projects and identify production issues early.

Customise contributor roles & permissions

Control exactly what each person can access and do with custom roles and permissions, so people can only access the features you need them to.

GatherContent Roles & Responsibilities

Helping project managers co-ordinate content creation in over 2,000 teams

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Features to boost content creation efficiency

Content Assignments

Set clear expectations for authors with Content Templates and assignments defining accountability.

Content Workflow

Design a Content Workflow so everyone has visibility on content status and what’s required next.

Content Calendar

Visualise team content creation assignments and deadlines in a central Content Calendar.

Integrate with Slack

Keep up to date with content status with Slack notifications when a content item's workflow status has been updated in GatherContent.

Roles & Permissions

Control exactly what each person can access and do with custom roles and permissions.

Content Reminders

Save time previously spent chasing content with automatic reminders sent straight to authors, keeping them on track.

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Katy Bennett
Quotation Mark

It’s good to have one place where we can upload content and everyone who requires it knows where to access it. It saves a lot of email traffic

Katy Bennett
Decorative Person

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