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Use GatherContent to free up your team from the chaos that surrounds high stakes content creation, and focus on content instead.

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Consistent content with templates
Hitting a target - accuracy
Impactful content

Consistent content

Amplify your brand reputation when every content touch point feels consistent.

Accurate content

Grow trust with your target market when you publish up-to-date, accurate content.

Impactful content

Support your business objectives when you engage audiences with high quality content.

What you can expect when you use GatherContent to manage content operations

Bring people, process and technology together in one platform to improve content quality.

Coming soon...AI technology is driving significant new innovations in content operations. Keep an eye out for AI-related enhancements to the GatherContent platform — coming later this year.

Clear content requirements

Use content templates to prescribe content briefs that follow content and structure rules.

Accountable content workflow

Communicate clear responsibilities with content workflow, roles & permissions.

Frictionless collaboration

Cloud-based content editing, with in-line comments and approvals keeps everybody on the same page.

Content in one place

Peace of mind with complete version control and no confusion about where content is.

Whatever your content initiative: save time and improve content quality with our Content Operations Platform

Coming soon...AI technology is driving significant new innovations in content operations. Keep an eye out for AI-related enhancements to the GatherContent platform — coming later this year.

What customers say about us

When we started using GatherContent we thought the integration would be the killer feature. It is fantastic but just as important is being able to inform content creators about the strategic position of content whilst they create it, that’s where the real strength is for us.
Ask Hybel,
Director of Strategy and Communication
Ask Hybel Profile
GatherContent has helped us have time to focus on improving content quality which impacts its effectiveness, not only for our university’s reputation but it can lead to more applications, acceptances, funding outcomes etc.
Michael Powers,
Director of Electronic Communications
Michael Powers Profile
Customers know their business best. We worry about the technical side and structure so they can focus on delivering the words in the format we need, when we need them. That’s where GatherContent comes into its own.
Joe Rinaldi,
Creative Supervisor
Joe Rinaldi Profile
Sometimes SMEs want to hold very dearly onto their way of saying things. However, when our project mission is to refresh the content in plain English and make it more accessible, it can be hard for SMEs to distance themselves from their own language. We use GatherContent roles & responsibilities to remind SMEs of the role we need them to play in reviewing for technical accuracy makes it easier to deliver effective content by the end of the project.
Sandra Muller,
Lead writer
Sandra Muller Profile
We like that GatherContent feels like a website to use – that really helps us write and edit specifically for the web, as opposed to print. Plus it’s a much more user friendly platform for developing content in than our CMS – the more ‘final’ we can get our content before going into the CMS, the better.
Helen Leech,
Senior Editorial Officer
Helen Leech Profile
GatherContent has been a huge success for website creation and continual maintenance at Illinois State University. It has given us the chance to strictly focus on the content on the page which has led to a stronger end product produced in a faster timeframe than in the past..
Zach Parcell,
Content Strategy and User Experience Manager
Zach Parcell Profile

Businesses use GatherContent to save time and improve content quality

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Mark McClendon

GatherContent is a game changer. Our content processes used to involve an ineffective mix of spreadsheets, documents, and a slew of file storage solutions. Version control was a nightmare and proofing was always an afterthought. With GatherContent we've solved all of these process problems and more, and we can now start the content process earlier. To top if off, our clients love it too.

Mark McClendon
Partner & Executive Director, VMLY&R