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What you can expect when you use GatherContent to govern your website content

Finally, a simple way to manage content creation for websites.

GatherContent Content Hub UI

All website content in one place

Your team always know where to go to request updates or create new website content from a single content production hub.

Seamless content approval

Content Workflow communicates what needs to happen and when to get website content from draft status to published.

Consistently formatted content

Content Templates ensure collaborators follow an agreed content format and style.

Updates are able to be processed quickly

Notifications keep the pace moving to keep content up to date and accurate.

Helping businesses keep 100,000 web pages up to date and accurate

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Features designed to help teams publish website content faster

Website content doesn’t need to go stale when you use GatherContent to manage website content governance.

Frictionless Content Workflow

Use Content Workflow to communicate when content needs to be updated or created, and the approval stages it must go through.

GatherContent Content Template UI
GatherContent Content Status UI

Cloud-based Content Editing

Make stakeholder feedback a breeze in our collaborative Content Editor with in-line commenting and notifications.

Customisable Content Templates

Create Content Templates to ensure contributors provide content in a consistent format, structured for your CMS.

GatherContent Content Editor UI

Speeding up website content creation for over 2,000 teams

We can show faculty members that we take their content feedback seriously in GatherContent.
Shannon Lanus
Testimonial image
GatherContent has been the system to drive cultural change in collaboration on content for our organisation.
Dominic Billington
Testimonial image
GatherContent has helped us have time to focus on improving content quality which impacts its effectiveness.
Michael Powers
Testimonial image
A quick and easy way to see where content is at
Fraser Smith
Testimonial image
We're much a much more organized agency because of it
Jessica Vozel
Testimonial image
It's especially useful for feeding content through different levels of sign-off, from team to team
Jana Flynn
Testimonial image
I love the WordPress integration
Beth Blinebury
Testimonial image
GatherContent was critical for the timely launch of our new website
Henri Kaukola
Testimonial image
We saved a lot of time
Jennifer Davies
Testimonial image
GatherContent helps your create an efficient content workflow
Sanjay Cherubala
Testimonial image
I love this tool, I couldn't do my job without it
Rachel DeLauder
Testimonial image
GatherContent is indispensable for our agency
Jesse Lord
Testimonial image
GatherContent allows us to manage 400 stakeholders
Jane Young
Testimonial image
GatherContent improves our workflow in a dramatic way
David Laffitte
Testimonial image
It works seamlessly for our internal team and our clients
Jason Donovan
Testimonial image
We can gauge the status of a project content at a glance
Connor McMurphy Pipkins
Testimonial image
We rarely have trouble getting content from clients on time now
Don Elliott
Testimonial image
It’s much more user friendly for developing content than our CMS
Helen Leech
Testimonial image
GatherContent has been a godsend for our agile content team
Liz Millikin
Testimonial image
We can inform content creators about content whilst they create it
Ask Hybel
Testimonial image
We've fully dropped content editors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word since switching to GatherContent.
Jason Suriano
Testimonial image
GatherContent is an editor's dream
Melissa Redetzke
Testimonial image
For 300 pages we've created as part of the project we save 1 hour per page by using GatherContent - that's 300 hours
Jenny Clift
Testimonial image
Version control was a big problem. Now we have a definitive single location for all content, GatherContent.
Julio Taylor
Testimonial image
GatherContent let us cut review times in half.
Sam Swiech
Testimonial image
GatherContent is a game changer.
Mark McClendon
Testimonial image
Now we have a tool to manage the content production and migration process.
Lisa McGowan
Testimonial image
The best thing about using GatherContent is that it keeps everything in one place and we can collaborate easily.
Evan Young
Testimonial image
It replaced our tracking spreadsheet
Melanie Seibert
Testimonial image
Onboarding clients has been a breeze
Allison Gagliardi
Testimonial image
It eliminates the fiasco of content changes
Stephen Megitt
Testimonial image
Before GatherContent, content never lived in one location
Katie Pritchard
Testimonial image
GatherContent helped us capture content that was web ready
Dan Wiggle
Testimonial image
I don't know how we would have completed on time without GatherContent!
Samantha Hopps
Testimonial image
We standardised the creation of content workflow across our teams
Rupesh Sarvankar
Testimonial image
We saved hours of work and client communication
Brenden Jones
Testimonial image
Reminders mean clients and staff never miss key content dates
Nick Butler
Testimonial image
I don't know how we built websites without it
Scott Correy
Testimonial image
I don't have a bunch of Word docs floating around now
Blair Williamson
Testimonial image
One of the most essential tools we use in our agency
Jason Lancaster
Testimonial image
Key in enabling our content model to work
Guy Pursey
Testimonial image
GatherContent have us a central place for content, in the context and framework of an editorial workflow
Thomas Deneuville
Testimonial image
GatherContent has changed how we work and it’s helped our clients work better
Mat Murray
Testimonial image
GatherContent helped us use real content in the design process
Bec White
Testimonial image
It’s good to have one place where we can upload content and everyone who requires it knows where to access it. It saves a lot of email traffic
Katy Bennett
Testimonial image
GatherContent has given us the chance to focus on content, which has led to a stronger end product produced in a faster timeframe.
Zach Parcell
Testimonial image
GatherContent has put us in a position where we can say we know exactly what’s going on with our content. That’s absolute gold.
Jonny Williams
Testimonial image
GatherContent has become one of my favorite tools
Michael Sallander
Testimonial image
Customizable templates make it possible for me to foolproof each piece of content
Bethany Bachman
Testimonial image
Before GatherContent, getting copy from clients was the hardest part of website creation
Alan Brown
Testimonial image
Before GatherContent, getting copy from clients was the hardest part of website creation
Harrison Kuo
Testimonial image
It makes the entire updating and reviewing process painless
Elizabeth Kukely
Testimonial image

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