Docs, spreadsheets, email, the CMS— your existing tools aren՚t designed for producing high quality content at scale

Your audiences want their needs met, fast, across multiple channels.
Don՚t let poor quality content get in their way. Or yours.

Produce content that meets audience needs and achieves your business
— at scale and with confidence

When you should
introduce a
Content Operations Platform

New websites and redesigns

Take control from the start to successfully deliver high quality website content, on time and in budget.

CMS re-platforming

Take content from your old CMS, massage it in GatherContent so it's in better shape for your new one.

Big content changes

Big changes can mean big problems! Stay on track with everything in one place.

Introducing new services or products

Bring new services and products to market with effective content that's consistent, correct and designed to
 meet needs.

Digital transformation

Reduce the friction between people, content and technology. Ensure high quality content is produced as you transform, and beyond.

Or… if you're simply fed up of the chaos bad content operations is causing your team, clients, schedules and budgets - talk to us!

Meet your new Content Operations Platform

Organise, structure and manage the production of resilient content, at scale and with confidence

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    Real-time content collaboration

    Collaborate on content, live, using a content editor that's designed to guide authors to produce high quality content.

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    Clear workflow, in one place

    Gather and organise content in one place and manage people and tasks to deliver content on time.

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    Templates for structured content

    Structure content and provide guidelines to ensure content is consistent and formatted as you need.

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    Easy migration

    Easily migrate approved content into the CMS (or wherever it needs to be), ready to go live.

Key features

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our features
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Start small and move quickly
You՚ll be producing resilient content in no time

Pricing starts at $99/mo — Minimal budget consideration to start getting value quickly.
Access product experts — Message our friendly team whenever you need help and support.
Trusted by thousands of customers — From digital agencies to universities and government teams. We՚ve got case studies from lots of customers who've successfully improved their content operations using our platform.
All cloud based — No installation or technical skills required to get going.
Integrate when you՚re ready — Create and manage content outside of your CMS. Focus on the content, first.
Community champions — Our free educational resources help skill-up content professionals. Together, we care about resilient content.
30 day free trial — You don՚t need a credit card or purchase order to try us. Sign up and get access instantly.
Any volume of users and content — Hundreds of thousands of users already produce millions of content items with us.
6 years and counting — Lots already achieved and plenty still to do to fulfil our mission of changing broken ways of working on content. 🚀
President & Co-Founder, Chicago Digital

When I came across GatherContent I found what has become one of my favorite tools over the past 7 years. The best thing about discovering GatherContent was the idea that we should be gathering content before we begin building our sites—taking our projects content-first. GatherContent has given my team a central place to organize all the information we need to build a website. It has also reduced team confusion and has helped us provide better long term support for our clients. Using GatherContent has improved our relationship with our clients.

Michael Sallander

President & Co-Founder, Chicago Digital

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