GatherContent is becoming Content Workflow by Bynder. Read More

GatherContent is becoming Content Workflow by Bynder. Read More

GatherContent is becoming Content Workflow by Bynder. Read More

Standardize, structure and scale your content workflow

Overcome content chaos and bring clarity to everyone in your content approval process. From first draft to published— and beyond.

GatherContent is becoming Content Workflow by Bynder. Read More

From chaos...

Too many channels, too many people, too much content. Word documents and spreadsheets can't keep up. Content management systems and marketing platforms are not intended for the whole organisation. calm

GatherContent is different, allowing structured content to be produced by everyone across your organisation, in a fraction of the time, and at scale - with the power to deliver your content anywhere it needs to go.

Rated by our customers as a Leader in Content Distribution and High Performer in Content Production software

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If you can send an email, you can use GatherContent

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Dominic Billington
Head of Marketing and Digital Experience, York St John University

With no training necessary, GatherContent enables all of your stakeholders to get involved with content creation in one cloud platform.

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Create content collaboratively with tools you’re used to. Your team will feel right at home.

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Structure content to save time and ensure consistency. Guidelines and instructions keep your content, and team focused.

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Create custom workflows and ensure the right people take the right steps in your content process. Then, take content operations to the next level by creating Advanced Workflow per project or content type to provide maximum flexibility.

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Content hub

Thousands of pieces of content to sort through? No problem. Organise, search, and manage content tasks with ease.

Content delivery,
without the baggage

Our integrations, API and headless capabilities give development teams absolute flexibility when it comes to publishing.

Use our integrations to seamlessly connect GatherContent to your existing channels and stack, check out our API docs to build custom connectors, or use our starter packs to build super-fast web experiences on top of GatherContent.

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Implement GatherContent for your clients

We partner with 100s of agencies around the world that provide award winning services and help with content operations best practices.

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