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Define the content types you will manage

Easily structure your required fields then define rules and guidelines.

Create completely custom content types to suit the different content formats you need, for example:

Define editorial guidelines

Provide field-level guidelines so your authors and editors know exactly what you need from them.

Enforce rules

Customise field validation and structure to gather content in the format you require.

Simple for authors

It’s like filling out a very clear form versus a blurry Word document template.

Setup approval workflows for your content

Don’t rely on spreadsheets to tell you what content is ready to be reviewed.

Set due dates

Set due dates for each individual status to stay in control of the production timeline.

Assign people

Assign people to each individual workflow status so they know when they need to complete their task.

Automate notifications

Keep production on track and moving with email notifications to authors.

Map out production with the Editorial Calendar

Manage the complete picture of your content production timeline.


See what content and stages people are responsible for.


Filter your calendars by content type, person, project and tags.


See content across all campaigns, projects and other content initiatives.

Collaborate on content with familiar tools

Authors and editors will feel at home with the editing tools they are accustomed to.

Inline comments

Specify what content needs to be edited and easily discuss the details with others.

Track changes

See what’s been edited, by who and when. Great for long- form copy and situations where lots of people are involved.

Customisable Editor

Control what formatting options are available and what HTML mark-up the WYSIWYG editor accepts. Developers will thank you.


Help authors by outlining exactly what you need from them and how it should be written.

Email notifications

Keep projects moving forward and ensure content is delivered on time, ready for publishing.


Let people know what they are responsible for by assigning them to specific work and tasks.

Roles & Permissions

Customise what content and features people can access whilst simplifying the user experience for those less technical.


Get everyone on board with a clearly defined content process. Easily demonstrate the process and how they fit in.

Rules and validation

Ensure character and word counts are met. Soon you'll be able to define deeper levels of validation.

Deliver to the CMS or via our API

Our API and integrations help you take your content wherever it’s needed.

Check out our integrations page for complete documentation and to find out what integrations are coming soon, or even request a new one!

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You before GatherContent

  • Content hidden away in various Word documents
  • File attachments lost in your inbox
  • Time wasted manually chasing late content
  • Copying and pasting badly-formatted content into the CMS
  • Not clear who is responsible for delivering content
  • Chasing late content for approval
  • Late content pushing back launch dates

Future you

  • Content is organised and all in one place
  • Clear production timelines and responsibilities
  • Tightly controlled markup that’s ready for publishing
  • Automatically sending due date reminder notifications
  • Ready for publishing on time

“GatherContent is really helpful because it has a very low learning curve. We can confidently share access with departments and get them onboard and working on their content quickly and easily.”

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