Meet the new GatherContent editor

Manage all of your organisation's content operations, in one place. Have all your team working on your content at the same time, from the same guidelines. Reduce the time it takes for content to be approved and published on your CMS.

Collaborate in real-time with your team

Write together with your colleagues in real-time

Produce and review your content faster with your team. Get everyone on the same page, literally.

write together
gather feedback

Gather feedback faster, across all field types

Comment on any field. Quickly review and approve all of your content for your website.

@mention your team in any comment to notify them. No more back and forth via email.

Simplified notifications

An all new notification system. We group notifications into emails to stop your inbox filling up. Push your notifications to your Slack channels.

simplified notifications

A new, decluttered design

simpler workflow

A simpler workflow

Once you've finished reviewing the content, mark your status as complete. No more confusion about what's happening to the content next.

A robust authoring experience

The new simplified interface gives you and your team more room to focus on what matters: the content.

authoring experience
templates and structure

Build templates and structure faster and with ease

Re-built from the ground up with bugs removed, faster templates, a more robust interface and overall improved UX.

Webinar recording

Meet your new content editor: a run through of all the new features

This webinar recording, hosted by Angus our Product Director, gives you an overview of why we've built the new content editor. We also covered all the new features we've shipped, and what's up next on our roadmap.

chevron iconIf you have any questions about what this will mean for your team, talk to us.

100x performance increase in the new content editor

Confidently paste from other systems like Word without messing up your formatting

Emoji support in comments and content

  • chevron icon@ people and groups in comments
  • chevron iconFull support for advanced keyboard shortcuts, superscript yourself silly
  • chevron iconSee the status of an item and who worked on it included in revisions
  • chevron iconFull table support
  • chevron iconIn-line word and character count
  • chevron iconExport clean content (pure HTML, with all the junk stripped)
  • chevron iconA fast editor that can support 100s of fields and thousands of words
  • chevron iconIntegrate with Slack
  • chevron iconRead only workflow states
  • chevron iconCopy HTML directly from text fields, or the whole item
  • chevron iconFull comment history makes it easy to audit edits to your content
  • chevron iconComment on all field types
  • chevron iconAn audit trail of of who changed a status and when
  • chevron iconMark workflow statuses as Complete
  • chevron iconA whole new back-end infrastructure allowing truly structured content
  • chevron iconDelivering multiple formats of content via our API
  • chevron iconNew API fucntionality, including webhooks
  • chevron iconFree online training for your team
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