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What customers say about us

This platform serves as our website governance structure and is fantastic because it makes the entire updating and reviewing process run smoothly. Content owners’ simply need to update their own content and send it off to the next person in the workflow - easy! A brilliant platform that makes gathering content (literarily) a piece of cake.
Elizabeth Kukely,
Communications and Learning Administrator
GatherContent has been a huge success for website creation and continual maintenance at Illinois State University. It has given us the chance to strictly focus on the content on the page which has led to a stronger end product produced in a faster timeframe than in the past.
Zach Parcell,
Content Strategy and User Experience Manager
I love GatherContent, it’s like a power-up! Developing content using templates is one of the biggest helpers. Templates keeps pages consistent, and it also helps focus the information. Our main objective is to give the user what they need, when they need it. Templates make that a lot easier and the content writers thank us for making their work easier. They’re learning more skills because we take the time to explain the what, why and how of each page and section, what we need for them, and what we need for our users - predominately students.
Nate Micó,
Content Lead
GatherContent is really helpful because it has a very low learning curve. We can confidently share access with departments and get them onboard and working on their content quickly and easily.
Dan Wiggle,
Digital Communications Manager
The workflow feature in GatherContent enabled our matrix team to work efficiently. It allows them to see what stage content items are at in the process. The workflow evolved over time and now contains 25 steps. GatherContent has been key in enabling our content model to work for the university.
Guy Pursey,
Head of Content
We saved a lot of time with GatherContent because there was a central place where the content lived, in the context and framework of an editorial workflow. Without this we would have otherwise relied on Google Sheets, emails and notifications. Keeping track of the status of the content would have been chaotic.
Thomas Deneuville,
Director of Web Services and User Experience

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