How an agency used GatherContent to keep website projects on track

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Digital agency, Ireland Website Design, were experiencing content woes on their website projects. Eventually they decided enough was enough and they could no longer use Microsoft Word for the production of website content. It wasn't fit for the job and after searching for an alternative, they found GatherContent. Here's their story of how GatherContent helped them plan, produce and deliver content on time for their projects.

Giving content the attention it deserves

Ireland Website Design need content for everything they do. Whether designing a website that needs to be filled with high-quality, SEO content or working on an e-mail marketing campaign; content is important for their projects. They needed a solution to help them plan and produce content in one place and also collaborate with their clients and project teams. An essential requirement was the ability to let clients see the work in progress and provide content and feedback when needed. For everyone involved, being able to see, comment on, and edit different drafts and revisions of content was a major plus to using GatherContent.

An outdated process that no longer worked

While Microsoft Word attachments and e-mailing back and forth worked for a time, it was no longer a viable process as information could easily be missed and wires were all too often crossed. It quickly became hard for the team to determine what state their content was at, what still needed to be done and who was responsible. Nobody wanted to spend time trawling through email threads and folders looking for things.

The trouble with using Word and email to handle content is that it no longer reflected the modern and up-to- date elements of the agency's output and finished projects. They had moved beyond a few attachments and needed some more scalable and robust. Google Drive was considered as another possible solution, but not all of their clients had Gmail accounts. It was challenging to get the content they needed from some clients and so projects were stuck in limbo which wasn't good for team morale or the bottom line.

An online platform to organise and produce lots of content for websites

Through their search for a better way to organise and produce content, Ireland Website Design found GatherContent. Since then, by their own admission, they haven't looked back.

The team used GatherContent for their own projects before rolling it out to clients as this allowed them to determine that the features were exactly what they were looking for. GatherContent ticked off all items of their requirements list:

  • A clear dashboard which displays multiple projects at once
  • The ability to assign tasks to multiple users
  • Colour coding of project parts to see progress and updates at a glance
  • Table-of- contents style layout to keep content in order
  • Use of a comments sidebar to keep notes and feedback in place

Superior collaboration and content gathering

As with many of the projects that a digital agency undertakes, working together is key. One of the benefits experienced by Ireland Website Design was that GatherContent allows for multiple staff members to work together on a project and clients can be added to provide their input and feedback along the way. It's the ultimate in transparency and accountability.

Our content team absolutely loves using GatherContent. Our clients love using GatherContent. It’s simple to use, easy to understand and enables our content gathering process perfectly. I think we’d be lost without it now! The ability for multiple people to comment on and edit one piece of work is incredibly useful – no more endless emails with Word attachments. The ability to mark pages and projects as different working statuses and enable/disable client editing really helps our work flow progress quickly.

Abbygail Wood, Content Strategist, Ireland Website Design

The collaborative element of GatherContent is so important that they now show their clients how to use GatherContent at their initial meeting with them as it has become embedded in their process and they have adopted a content-first approach to projects.

The final site for one of Ireland Website Design's content-first project.

GatherContent gives the clients a platform and an element of responsibility to provide the content needed. The team at Ireland Website Design shared that it wouldn't be a stretch to say that before GatherContent, it took three times as long for clients to pass all of the relevant content to them.

GatherContent is too valuable a tool not to have for any digital agency. From the function to the layout, the customer service and beyond, everything is simply amazing.

Abbygail Wood, Content Strategist, Ireland Website Design

Focusing on the job to be done

By keeping the dashboard and overall layout and design of GatherContent clear, spacious and user-friendly; Ireland Website Design told us their team like how there are no needless elements that dilute what GatherContent offers. This also extends to their clients who use it too. By their own admission, it's not a scary platform to get used to using as it is both simple and effective. If there is a need for support, they use the built-in live chat feature for a quick response to any problem them may be facing and they appreciate the human response that this offers. GatherContent has allowed both the team members and their clients to easily collaborate on content and has taken away the pains and problems they previously faced.


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