Introducing frictionless feedback with shareable links

The fastest way to get content feedback, all in one place.

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How shareable links work for you and your contributors


Just an FYI

Share read-only content


I need your input

Share content with commenting rights


I trust you to edit

Share content with editing rights


I want your thumbs up

Share with content approval


Gather feedback from multiple stakeholders simultaneously

No on-boarding required

Everybody is working from the same version of content

No need to add one-off users to your account

No need to export content and email it for feedback

Control the level of permissions granted

Feedback doesn't get lost in inboxes

Available on Trial, Scale and Transform plans

Gather content feedback in one place

Contact us to enable shareable links on your account

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get shareable links on my account?

You must be the account owner or have billing rights to enable this feature on your account.

Contact us to enable shareable links or find out who your account owner is.

Is this feature available on my plan?

Shareable links are available on our new Trial, Scale and Transform pricing plans. Contact us to find out which plan you are on and enabling shareable links.

Can I set different link permissions for different people?

Shareable link settings are global. If you want to set different permissions such as comment only for one group or reviewers and edit rights for another, we recommend inviting users to your account with individual or group based permissions.

Are comments visible on read-only links?

Comments can only be viewed on shareable links with commenting or editing rights.

Can I disable a shareable link?

Yes, under your link setting options you can choose ‘Disable’ to  prevent people you've shared the link with from being able to view the item.

What are guest users?

In order to leave a comment on, or edit content within a shareable link, the user must create a guest user account (name and email only).

Do guest users count towards my seat quota?

Guest users do not count towards your user count. You can view which guest accounts have been created, or convert a guest to a full user from the People and Groups page in your account settings.

How will I know if content has been approved?

When enabling content approval you have the option to choose who will receive a notification when an approval is given and undone. You can also filter to ‘Approved’ items on the content hub. A green tick icon next to an item name also signifies it has been approved. Learn more about approvals here.