Getting non-specialists on board with content strategy

Explaining content strategy to diverse stakeholders.

Content strategy touches the lives, the goals and the roles of a great many individuals across an organisation. And yet many of them probably haven’t the faintest idea what a content strategy is and how it benefits them.

In this webinar recording, Tracy Playle focuses on the art of explaining content strategy to a diverse range of stakeholders, with a focus on how to gain their understanding, their appreciation, and their fullest support and advocacy for your work. Most importantly, like any good Content Strategist, the presentation takes an audience-centred approach to designing how we engage with stakeholders.

Who is the webinar recording for?

This recording is for content strategists who need to gain the support of others around their organisation in order to make advances in their role and the implementation of their content strategy. The presentation is also relevant for consultants or agency content strategists who find themselves needing to explain what a content strategy is and why it’s beneficial to a wide range of clients and client-representatives. It’s even for those who just need to find a better way to explain what content strategy is to their parents – as if they actually have a clue what you do!

What you’ll learn

Through this presentation you will learn and consider approaches to:

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About the presenter

Tracy Playle is founder and CEO of Pickle Jar Communications Ltd, and its sister company, Utterly Content Ltd. She primarily serves as Chief Content Strategist for Pickle Jar Communications, specialising in working with the education sector. Since becoming a consultant content strategist in 2007, she has worked with over 160 education institutions in more than 20 countries to develop content and digital communication strategies.

Before founding the company, Tracy worked as Head of Research-TV and in a number of in-house communications and marketing roles at the University of Warwick, one of the UK’s leading universities.

She is known for her passionate and energetic presentations, and is invited to speak at conferences around the world about content strategy and emerging communication trends. She has spoken at conferences across five continents, and in 2016 completed the Confab hat-trick speaking at all three of their events in the USA, concluding with the opening keynote for Confab Higher Ed. In 2017, she founded the ContentEd conference, the first European conference focusing on content strategy in the education sector.

In 2014 she won a prestigious Crystal Apple Teaching Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for her contributions to conferences and workshops in Europe, Asia and Australia, advancing knowledge of content strategy and digital communications in the education sector. She was the first European digital communications professional to receive this award.

When she’s not hopping around visiting clients and conferences, she lives in the North East of England with her dog, Scout.

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